Friday, March 4, 2016

Spray Parks to be Themed, Start Construction Soon

By Armando Landin

The City of El Paso is taking steps to complete the first phase of spray parks it has planned for different areas around the city. Phase One of the plan includes four spray parks, which will be themed.

This rendering shows what the spray park at Pavo Real Park may look like once in operation. Pavo Real is located in El Paso's Lower Valley. (City of El Paso)

City Council will consider awarding the first part of a design-build contract next week to begin infrastructure work on the four parks. The first to be constructed will be in Districts Two, Three, Four, and Six.

The spray parks will be located at Sue Young Park in Northeast El Paso, Grandview Park in North Central El Paso, Hidden Valley Park in the Ascarate area, and Pavo Real Park in the Lower Valley.

According to City documents, the spray parks will have different "themes" at each park: the spray park at Sue Young Park will have a soccer theme; Grandview Park will have a "watergarden" theme; Hidden Valley Park will have a western/desert theme; and Pavo Real Park will have a "primary colors" theme.

The Sue Young spray park's theme will be soccer (left) while Grandview Park's will be "watergarden" (right). The spray parks should open in the late summer or fall in El Paso, according to City documents. (City of El Paso)

Renderings of the parks show different spray elements, such as large buckets that fill up then tip over to splash people below, and low-profile slides that end level with the ground.

Infrastructure work is scheduled for completion on June 13, 2016, with a staggered schedule later in the year for the grand opening of each spray park. Preliminary goals show the spray parks opening at Sue Young park on August 24, 2016, Grandview Park on September 1, Hidden Valley Park on October 20, and Pavo Real Park on December 1.

"Wester/Desert" is the theme planned for the spray park at Hidden Valley Park, located in a neighborhood east of Ascarate Park in El Paso. (City of El Paso)

The second phase of the spray park project will add one park each in Districts One, Five, Seven, and Eight. The City is finalizing site selection for the second round of projects, with park openings scheduled for mid-2017.

City Council approved the spray parks as part of the 2015 Aquatics Plan last May as a less expensive alternative to full-fledged aquatics centers that it hopes will give residents better access to aquatics facilities.

Black Stallion Contractors of El Paso is the design-build contractor on the project.


  1. El Paso misfits and vandals will get to these spray parks with in time, they should rig up crime cameras at these locations.

    1. With many recent events, I fear you maybe correct. Sad really, El Paso needs nice things like this, and these vandals keep them from us. Let us hope the have cameras or security on site to secure our hard spent tax muhnay on these parks. ;)

  2. This will be a great fun loving experience for the family

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  4. Will Yucca park be getting a spray park as well its around a nice environment.

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