Monday, July 21, 2014

New Two-Mile Linear Park for Lower Valley

Plans are underway to transform a usually dry drainage ditch in El Paso's Lower Valley into a recreational linear park. Officials are focusing on a two-mile portion for the new park.

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The new linear park could be similar to Pueblo Viejo Park further east in the Lower Valley.

Will City Green-Light Latest Proposed ‘Kern View Estates’ Design?

Approval Sought for Development Plan Changes to Planned Crazy Cat Neighborhood

A date has been set for a City Council decision regarding a hillside development in West El Paso. The developer is seeking approval for changes to the detailed site development plan for the property, a project which is slated for the slopes of Crazy Cat mountain overlooking the historic Kern Place district.
Much of the Kern View property will remain as open space, with the 60 residential units creating a winding row of townhouse-type single family homes with zero setbacks towards the center. The project will take shape on the Crazy Cat mountain hillside in West El Paso if approved by City Council next month.

Kern View Estates Unit Two will now contain 60 attached single-family residences, under the new plan, which will line a small loop, according to a site plan included in the latest application. There will also be a clubhouse located at the site.

The change comes years after City Council approved a previous development plan, which contained a proposal for 17 single-family residential lots, with the smallest lot occupying 16,357 square feet. The smallest lot in the new plan will be 986 square feet in size.

Setbacks in the new plan will be reduced to zero, while the maximum allowable structure height will increase to 37 feet. Parking will be available via ground level garages at the base of the residential buildings.

Another change is the access point to the neighborhood. The newest plan indicates that Metetuye Lane will be the street used to access the development, off of Okeefe Drive. Previously, plans were to extend Piedmont Drive northward into the development.

The City has received two letters of opposition and a petition with 107 signatures against the latest proposal by the developer, which received similar opposition for the previous development plan four years ago. City Plan Commission members were split when they voted on the new plan in May, approving the plan on a 4-3 vote.

City Council will consider the item at its August 19, 2014 meeting. The property is owned by Piedmont Group of El Paso. There is no mention of a timeline within the application.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weekly Edition Returning on June 16th

There will be no Weekly Edition published this week. Don't fret! The next issue will be available July 28. Plus news will still be published this week.
You can catch up on past issues (60 in all!) by visiting the Weekly Edition page, by clicking HERE.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sun Metro Adds Articulated Buses to East Side Route

The newest additions to Sun Metro’s bus fleet aren’t only reserved for the Rapid Transit System (RTS) debuting later this year. El Paso’s mass transit system has added three 60-foot articulated buses to serve its most popular route, Route 59.
Three 60-foot articulated buses are now part of Sun Metro’s Route 59 in El Paso. (Sun Metro)

The 2014 New Flyer Xcelsior units look much different from the Sun Metro units to which most residents are accustomed, mostly due to the extended length and the accordion-style joint section in the middle of the bus.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mixed-Use Infill Development Planned for Northeast El Paso

Proposed Project Includes Residential & Commercial Spaces with Zero Setbacks

A vacant property in a long-standing Northeast El Paso neighborhood will see new life as a mixed-use development, according to a current rezoning application with the City. The owner is proposing the project for a 0.23-acre property at 5101 Fairbanks Drive.
The Northeast El Paso mixed use project will include retail buildings with zero setbacks. Street trees are included in the zoning plan. (

According to the project’s site plan, there will be six commercial spaces and two one-bedroom apartments created. The commercial buildings will be easily distinguishable as they will have zero setbacks along Fairbanks Drive, which means the structures will be built along the sidewalk, with parking in the back.