Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mall News: See Rendering of Cielo Vista Expansion; Bassett Place Makes Dave & Buster's Official

Last week, El Paso's largest shopping center, Cielo Vista Mall, announced a planned 125,000 square foot expansion that will begin in 2016. Now, we have the first images of what that expansion may look like.

This rendering shows what the Cielo Vista Mall expansion may look like, slated for construction in 2016 in East El Paso. (Cielo Vista Mall Property Overview) 

According to the mall's Property Overview, the expansion will occur off of the western wing of the center where the current Dillard's mens and childrens store now exists. This would mean demolition of that location.

A new Dillard's will be built at the end of the expansion to the west, making room for around 40 new retailers and a handful of restaurants. The new Dillard's will become the women's store; the men's and children's store will relocate to the current three-level women's store. A site plan shows the new western wing of the mall expanding into an existing parking area.

This site plan shows the planned expansion of the western wing of Cielo Vista Mall in East El Paso. Both the first and second levels are included here, with the second level's site plan floating above the first level in this image. (Cielo Vista Mall Property Overview)

The rendering shows a northward view of the planned new Dillard's building on the left side of the image. Liner structures are shown as restaurants in the rendering, with different construction materials distinguishing them from the larger mall building behind them.

This is Simon Property's first major expansion in decades for Cielo Vista Mall, which is located at Hawkins Boulevard and Interstate 10 on El Paso's East Side. It is part of the $1 billion spent annually in property enhancements across all the malls the company owns and operates. Construction on the Cielo Vista expansion should begin in January 2016 with no mention of a completion date.

A short drive to the west at Bassett Place, a new Dave & Buster's is scheduled to open by the end of 2015. After months of speculation, the East-Central El Paso mall confirmed the location in a press release.

This concept image of a Dave & Buster's prototype location shows what the signage and facade may look like at the new Bassett Place location, scheduled to open in El Paso by late 2015. (www.daveandbusters.com)

The entertainment and dining venue will open a 36,000 square foot location at Bassett where the current food court exists. The food court will shrink and have a handful of eateries.

The Bassett location is a bit smaller than the 40,000 square foot large Dave & Buster's prototype, with the small prototype measuring 26,500 square feet.

Bassett Place was built in 1962 and is located at Geronimo Drive and Interstate 10.


  1. I was wondering where they were going to put the new extension to the mall, so Dillard's west will be torn down the rebuilt again. Brilliant Idea!

  2. Everytime parking lot is removed I am overjoyed. Nothing is uglier than a parking lot. Too bad the simon malls people did not want a trolley or bus to go to and forth from the Fuentes shopping center, that would have been awesome.

  3. So we tear Down North Gate/Park Mall the original Mall in El Paso I might add, and we over congest the East side with Malls. And then expand on those malls to further congest the area. Brilliant, and we have yet to do anything with the property that North Gate/Park used to occupy. Or with Cohen Stadium, so forth and so on.

    1. I live in the Northeast and I agree that we need more out here, but I also believe that in a way we did this to ourselves because we did not support the stores on our side of town. We all drove out to support other sides of the city.

  4. So where will parking be during the already over crowded holiday season?

    1. They need parking decks with shops along the edge closest to the mall but make the parking deck blend in with the mall