Monday, April 13, 2015

Will City of El Paso Buy Controversial Kern View Estates Property?

The City of El Paso will consider a proposal this week to purchase a 15.57 acre property on a hill overlooking the Kern and Mission Hills neighborhoods. A developer had previously put forward controversial plans to construct housing on the plot of land.
The City of El Paso may purchase a 15.57-acre property in West El Paso to preserve it as open space. (City of El Paso)

Kern View Estates includes 60 attached single family homes on the side of Crazy Cat Mountain, just east of Piedmont Drive.

The City Plan Commission approved the site development plan in July 2014, but it was never considered by City Council despite multiple appearances on the agenda in the last few months, including a separate item this week. The City received letters and a petition opposed to the project.

According to the agenda item, the City is poised to pay the owner $405,000 for the property, which is lower than the appraised value of $450,000. The City considers the difference of $45,000 a "donation" by the owner for tax purposes.

Funds for the purchase come from the 2012 Quality of Life bonds approved by voters, ensuring the land will be used as open space. It also provides connectivity to the adjacent Palisades open space area previously acquired by the City.

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  1. Oh so now the city of El Paso is going to waste money from the quality of life bond issue from 2012 to buy open space.
    Here they can't figure out how and where to build a downtown arena because if they biuld it it will still be way to small,but instead are spending money uselessly on nothing called open space. El Paso has tons of open space everywhere.
    This city works backwards on everything they do and I will say this much! I will never again vote yes for a quality of life bond issue,and I will always vote NO! on any future school bond issue proposal.
    This city is such a waste!

    1. The QofL Bond money included $5 Million for purchasing open space. It was a specific item. The voters overwhelmingly approved.

    2. OK! 5 million dollars from QofL bond issue to acquire property for parks! or to play politics?
      Since this is really nothing more than politics being played out by Kern View residents that don't want any development going up next to Crazy Cat Mountain! That is why they forwarded a petition to city council to stop the development of Kern View Estates!
      Kern View residents can't have everything go their way,they went as far as stopping people attending UTEP games and those Cincinatti party goers from parking in their neighborhood.
      Now they are petitioning the city from not allowing developers to build alongside Crazy Cat Mountain. I'm not a fan of destroying the mountain but Crazy Cat mountain is already destroyed with their gated community.
      At least this new development wont be a gated community,I don't believe that the voters overwhelmingly approved favoritism over development progress. This open space was more intended to buy up land for more city parks and not for certain special interest groups to play politics with Quality of Life Tax Payer money.

  2. The renovation of the el paso hotel will lead to attract more visitors to this area so I will request city council to vote for it so its renovation could be start as soon as possible.