Thursday, March 12, 2015

Land Study May Mean New NE El Paso Neighborhoods in the Franklin Mountain Foothills

The foothills of the Franklin Mountains in Northeast El Paso could see more residential development in the coming years after the City Plan Commission approved a land study for the area. "Sierra del Puerte" includes about 175 acres of land just west of Magnetic Street.
The site plan for a new residential development in Northeast El Paso shows streets winding around arroyos and open space. (City of El Paso)

According to the land study, the developer plans to construct 319 residential units on 70 acres. The site plan shows residential streets winding through the development, with arroyos interspersed throughout.

Another 87.7 acres will be dedicated to open space, which includes the arroyos.
Hondo Pass Drive may be extended to provide access to a new neighborhood in the foothills of the Franklin Mountains. The Northeast El Paso development may be completed by 2019. (City of El Paso)

Access to the neighborhoods may come from an extended Hondo Pass Drive which currently ends just west of Magnetic. The extension will turn south and eventually connect to Edgar Park Drive. Zircon Drive, which currently contains a sizable gap, will connect its two halves and continue westward to the inner neighborhoods.

The development will be built in phases, with possible completion in 2019.