Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Stanton & Crosby Apartments make appearance in City documents

An infill apartment project planned for the corner of Stanton Street and Crosby Avenue has appeared in a rezoning application filed with the City of El Paso. The Stanton & Crosby Apartments will be built just north of Downtown.
This rendering shows what the Stanton & Crosby Apartments may look like once completed. The property, which is currently vacant, is located between Downtown El Paso and UTEP. (www.exigoarch.com)

According to the application, the multi-family project will create a two-story structure that will hold a total of fourteen apartment units. This includes two three-bedroom, eight two-bedroom, and three one-bedroom apartments. A live-work unit is also included.

The structures will total 11,910 square feet, with buildings having zero setbacks along sidewalks. Parking will be situated behind the buildings and accessible via an alley off of Crosby Avenue.
The site plan for the Stanton & Crosby Apartments shows zero setbacks for the structures with parking located towards the center of the block. (City of El Paso)

The project is also included at the website of local firm Exigo Architecture. According to the project page, the budget is set at $1.2 million with completion expected in 2015. No construction start date has been revealed nor have any potential rental rates. The property is currently vacant.


  1. OK, these apartments look good, they even have gated parking which is a plus, but a carport canopy would have been an even better amenity due to El Paso's hot summer days and unpredictable weather.
    I will seriously be looking to relocate to downtown El Paso this summer or early fall, the Franklin apartments also look very nice,except they show no parking. I also understand that there is another development called the Kansas street apartments that will also be built,and those have built in garages which is really great.The only problem is, where on Kansas street will they be built,if it's North of Rim Road,then chances are they will charge an arm and a leg for rent since it will be in the Kern Place area.If they are built South of Rim Road then they will more than likely be affordable. The apartments being built in downtown or around downtown El Paso keep getting better,as long as they don't come with swimming pools. Now the question is the rent, will they be super pricey or will they be affordable like in the six,seven and eight hundred range,minus the swimming pool.Apartments with swimming pools charge extra even if you don't use the swimming pool,my estimated guess would like one hundred to one hundred twenty five dollars more for rent when they come with swimming pool's.
    I wonder if and when they will build any high-rise apartments in downtown before they run out of room to build anything else?

  2. Love it! Good to see they're adopting the "parking in back" approach. Makes the streets more enjoyable for walking, biking, and even driving!