Monday, December 29, 2014

Brand new apartments planned near the Downtown El Paso ballpark?

A recently discovered rendering shows a possible new infill apartment complex planned for a property near Southwest University Park in Downtown El Paso. The simply named Franklin Apartments have made an appearance at a local architecture firm's website.
The Franklin Apartments, pictured in this rendering, could go up on West Franklin Ave. in Downtown El Paso. (

No specific location details are available, but the rendering shows the apartment structures on a vacant property on West Franklin Avenue about 800 feet west of the Downtown ballpark which is home to the El Paso Chihuahuas Triple-A baseball club.

The rendering appears to show four structures parallel to each other, with the nearest to Franklin Avenue including balconies and large windows.

Few details on the project are available. According to the project's page, the total area is 11,800 square feet with the project budget set at $1.1 million. Completion should take place in 2015.
A new apartment complex may be planned for a property just 800 feet west of the El Paso Chihuahuas ballpark in Downtown El Paso.

If ground is broken, it may be the first new, ground-up apartment construction in the immediate ballpark area.

There are currently no further details regarding the number of units, rental rates, or parking arrangements for the Franklin Apartments.

Other apartment projects in the area include rehabilitation of old buildings and adaptive reuse.

The rendering of the Franklin Apartments was published at Exigo's website,

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  1. The apartments look very nice as I am looking to locate to downtown El Paso, one of my main concerns is traffic noise coming from the freeway and the price of rent. Considering that they will be located only 800 yards from University Park Stadium and then there is the parking matter,otherwise these apartments sound cool only if the price is right.

    1. the cool thing about living downtown is you can walk everywhere. you only need to drive a fraction of the time when you live on one of the "sides"

  2. Any word on the potential high rise going up behind the ball park. I had read an article a while back that said a high rise apartment building or hotel was being considered back there.