Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sun Bowl, Haskins Center to get Upgraded Video Displays

UTEP Partners with Daktronics to Bring Larger, High Resolution Screens to Facilities

Fans attending football and basketball games at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) will be treated to much larger, clearer video displays beginning in the fall. This is thanks to a new partnership with audio-visual technology company Daktronics of South Dakota.
A large, LED display will replace the existing one at the Sun Bowl at UTEP, as seen in this concept image. (Daktronics)

School officials announced the new displays last week, and workers are already removing the existing screen at the south end of the Sun Bowl. This is where the largest display will be installed, a 34 feet tall by 60 feet wide LED screen that will tower above the entrance tunnel. It includes wide-angle visibility and will be capable of showing windowed feeds, different squares within the screen that can be used to show data, animations, video, and advertisements.

To the right and left of the main display, two narrow displays will show statistics, such as the existing scoreboards, animations, and sponsored messages. Each will be six feet tall and stretch 90 feet long. A similar screen on the northern end will measure four feet high by 96 feet long.

Daktronics will also install a new audio system inside the Sun Bowl which will work hand in hand with the video system. According to a press release, the audio system will “provide full-range sound reproduction and deliver clear and intelligible speech.”

At the Don Haskins Center, two “endwall” displays will work similarly to the large display at the Sun Bowl. The arena’s screens will measure 13 feet tall by 40 feet wide. In addition, Daktronics will install new locker room clocks, shot clocks, and backboard lighting kits.
This image shows what one of the “endwall” displays will look like at the Don Haskins Center . (Daktronics)

University Ticket Center, in front of the Don Haskins Center, will receive the final new display, a four foot high by 18 foot wide marquee. It will be used by UTEP to highlight upcoming events and for other messaging purposes.

All the new displays are scheduled to be installed during the summer and should be ready for use by fall.