Monday, June 9, 2014

Museum of History Digital Wall Adds Fifth Display

The El Paso Museum of History’s planned digital wall will be adding an additional screen, according to an amendment to the contract for the project. The TouchCity Digital Wall, designed by Gibson Group of New Zealand, will now be made up of five 95-inch screens.
The TouchCity Digital Wall will be located in a "Welcome Pavilion" at the El Paso Museum of History, as seen in this new rendering. (City of El Paso/MNK Architects)

Originally, the design plan called for using four 103-inch screens, but that size is no longer available from the manufacturer. The newer 95-inch screens are the largest currently available displays that can accommodate the project. This change amounts to 63 horizontal inches of additional display as a result of the additional screen.

The change will increase the cost of the displays by about $40 thousand, which includes a change to the order for specialty glass from EuropTec of Germany. The City expects to offset the increase with savings in technology purchases of about $80 thousand.
A fifth screen has been added to the project due to an amendment to the contract with the digital wall's designer, resulting from a change in display availability. The screens will be eight inches smaller diagonally. (City of El Paso/MNK Architects)

New renderings from the project’s architect, MNK Architects of El Paso, show the five displays along the exterior southern wall of the museum, within a protective welcome pavilion.

The digital wall project has a budget of $3 million, which includes purchase and installation of the digital wall. Also part of the project: a mobile digital wall that will be mounted onto a 10-foot shipping container and be used at different sites around the city, and two kiosks within the museum, each with a 46-inch screen.

A new, revised timeline tentatively shows that the digital wall could be up and running by the end of December 2014. City Council will vote on the amendment at its June 10, 2014, meeting.

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