Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Design Changes for Apartment Project Near Downtown

Campbell Apartments Adds 5th Floor

A recently revealed apartment development planned for a neighborhood near Downtown El Paso has changed its design, according to a City Plan Commission (CPC) agenda item. The Campbell Apartments project has added a fifth level and will now have a parking area on the ground floor.
The latest elevations of the future Campbell Apartments near Downtown El Paso show that a fifth level has been added. (City of El Paso) 

The parking garage will replace an inner courtyard and a series of apartments planned for the first level, with the commercial spaces still lining the structure along Campbell Street. With 51 parking slots now included in the design, the developer is seeking a 70% parking reduction from the City. The garage will be accessible from 3rd Avenue.
The parking garage on the first level will include 51 spaces. Commercial spaces (in orange) will line Campbell Street. (City of El Paso)

Open space will now be included on the second level, consisting of about five thousand square feet of landscaped space. Some apartments will have access to balconies overlooking Campbell Street and 3rd Avenue.

With the addition of a fifth level, the number of apartments has increased to 88 in the new design. This includes 16 three bedroom units (unchanged), 52 two bedroom units, and 20 one bedroom units. Residents of the new building will have access to upper floors via two sets of elevators and two sets of staircases.
The 2nd floor will contain open space that will have some landscaping. (City of El Paso)

The half-acre of land that the new apartment building will occupy consists of nearly a half a city block south of Paisano Drive, along the 500 block of South Campbell Street. It will necessitate the demolition of a few existing structures that the Master Zoning Plan describes as “dilapidated.”

Exigo Architecture of El Paso ( designed the apartment project. The CPC is scheduled to consider the rezoning application at its February 13, 2014 meeting. No timeline has been revealed for construction.