Thursday, August 29, 2013

Retail Buzz: NE El Paso to Get More Retail Options

North Hills Crossing May Bring New Stores, Restaurants 

UPDATE: For the latest list of proposed stores, read our latest story on North Hills Crossing by clicking here: Work Begins on North Hills Crossing

Original Story: 
Residents of Northeast El Paso may have several more retailers and restaurants to choose from in the coming years as the North Hills Crossing shopping center takes shape. The 28 acre center will be located at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and US-54.

The 200,000+ square foot power center has two site plans at the website of RJL Real Estate consultants (, one that is part of the website and another shown on the marketing brochure. Each site plan differs but shows a mix of big box and medium sized retailers as well as restaurant options.
The North Hills Crossing shopping center may bring several new retailers to Northeast El Paso. These retailers are seen on the brochure version of the site plan. Tenants are oftentimes used for illustrative purposes by developers and subject to change. (Not an official site plan; not to scale.)

Both plans include retailers such as Ross, Marshall’s, Michael’s, Rack Room Shoes, Office Depot, and restaurant Taco Cabana. Restaurants and smaller retail shops will be located on “outparcels” along the frontage road and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

The brochure’s site plan shows a Walmart Market grocery store as well as smaller PetSmart, Dollar Tree, and Anna’s Linens locations in the big box area. The outparcels include Panda Express, Whataburger, Chick-Fil-A, Five Guys Burgers & Fries, Verizon, and Dunkin’ Donuts locations.
These retailers are featured on the website site plan. (Not an official site plan; not to scale.)

The site plan according to the website is somewhat different showing retailers and restaurants such as JCPenney, Taco Cabana, Peter Piper Pizza, AutoZone, and Chase Bank. There are also spots for a future grocery store, pet store, sit down restaurant, and drive-thru restaurant.

North Hills Crossing, located to the south of Bungalows at North Hills apartment complex, is being developed by Southwest Land Development Services, according to the marketing brochure. No construction or opening dates are available for the project, and retailers included in the site plans may also be tentative.


  1. A CVS in the NE would be nice. (: I hope they take that into consideration!!!

  2. We have enough dolar trees, ross', and annas linens' in this city!!

  3. Why not a mixed-use development? We need an urban center in the Northeast, not more big box shopping! Please build more walkable areas and human scale development. I thought the City of El Paso adopted a SmartCode with Plan El Paso? Where does that come into play here?

  4. Please, Please No More Wal-Marts. I live down the street from the proposed area. We need change, I agree with Joe Beltran and many other El Pasoans, No More Dollar type stores and No More Wal-Marts.

  5. What happened to getting a Target store

  6. We need progress we need more development we need more jobs for El Paso! don't matter what kind of jobs,eventually the better paying jobs will follow including high tech jobs.
    What we don't need is this "stick your head in the sand" mentality and go back to this backward state of mind about keeping El Paso hostile to growth and unfriendly to new or more business development. El Paso already tried that before and we saw where that got us into? A huge exodus of younger generation El Pasoans fleeing to better places seeking prosperity and better quality of life.I say bring on the Wal-Marts and stop this nonsense about Not In My Neighborhood Stuff.In the Chelmont area they ran off a Wal- Mart Grocery would be development! but yet right across the street and down the road from there they have all these porn shops and bars.
    No bun intended, but I thought that this blog was Pro Development News not Anti Development!

    1. It's not that we don't want progress, it's just that whenever a shopping center is built, the usual stores are put in. Dollar stores, a salon of some sort, or an insurance agency are prime examples. We need stores that we dont have.

    2. There is nothing unique about this development that will attract better paying jobs or improve the standard of living in the NE. You can find strip malls and Wal-Marts in any place. This just means more traffic and more parking lots in exchange for little benefit to us living in the surrounding community. This development will be on vacant land and easy to design from the start. We can't expect to go back in 20-30 years and fix the mistakes of today. Why not design a place that will support local, small business owners and provide square footage they can afford? Why not design it to be walkable for families and children? Why not Design it to be a destination, not just some place people race in and out of and have no desire to spend anymore time on the property then they have to. The developers will make their money, the City will get their taxes, but the community gets more of the same.

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    4. Well said Jose and Ken. The Northeast also unfortunately is believed to be all low-income. Not so, especially in the new construction areas, where the homes are sold even before they are finished. It is time the Northeast break the mold of the past and be re-born. It is time for change and to Not accept the usual.

      Business and jobs will come to where the "New, Exciting and Different" is built.

    5. Despite the lack of diversity in the tenants of this shopping center my family and I feel that it would be a good start to encourage other businesses to consider the northeast as strongly as the far east and west sides of town. I was forced by lack of tech based work in El Paso to move to Phoenix, as part of the "mass exodus". In the years I was there I noticed that in every shopping center there was a PETSMART, this leads me to believe that growth of some type encourages larger better quality growth as can be seen in some of the higher quality marketplaces there. It seems that the repetition of stores in El Paso is hard to avoid but at least it shows prospective companies that El Paso consumers are willing to support new development.

      Personal preferences lean towards the diversity that would be found in Target, World Market, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, P.F. Chang's and many others that would be welcome firsts to El Paso such as Cheesecake Factory and Ruby Tuesday.Don't misunderstand, there are some home grown businesses that I'd love to see in that shopping center like another Kinley's House, Comos or Gabriel's Cafe.

      I chose to come back and am happy to be back in my home in the NE, hopefully we will see quality growth to this side of town. There is much potential and many new families that would appreciate it.

    6. It is not that we want El paso not to grow, but instead we want it to grow the right way. Being an architect student got me the chance of knowing that there are more urban scale options to the city. Having said so, developments like the one proposed should be well-thought so people enjoy the city and become proud of a city that is developing thinking about its citizens.

  7. That is why you need to get the Northeast District representative Carl Robinson to help City Manager Joyce Wilson go out and find better industry to relocate to El Paso and to the Northeast side of town.But if we can find ways to create or attract more jobs and bring the unemployment rate down,then for the time being this will have to be as good as it get's.

  8. New businesses just don't seem to want to come to El Paso. It's very unfortunate.

  9. If some people such as the Naysayers keep on with their anti business friendly attitude! like they did to the Walmart grocery store that was planed for the Chelmont Montana location.Then they are sending the wrong message to other would be developers;But then again look at what is going on in downtown?Wait and see in about a couple of years from now and things will change and new business will relocate to El Paso. I think that Northeast El Paso will also see many new changes,
    it's just with the current leadership! This guy Votes No! all The Time in city council meetings.