Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More Land for Recreation

City May Purchase Properties to Expand Civic Space

The El Paso City Council will vote on two items at its July 30, 2013 meeting which could potentially add 15 acres of land to the City’s parks, recreation, and library system. The land buy would help bring a recreation center/library to the lower valley and a community park to the east side of El Paso.

The City may spend $1.174 million to purchase a 4.49 acre plot of land at 7380 Alameda Avenue in the Riverside High School area. A new recreation center and library combination building would be constructed at the site, funded by the 2012 Quality of Life Bonds approved by voters last year. 
Possible site of a future Recreation Center/Library in the lower valley.

According to the Parks & Recreation rollout plan, the project will have an $11 million dollar budget, though no timeline for completion is specified. The land is currently vacant and lines both Alameda Avenue and Carolina Drive, though the corner property is occupied by a McDonald’s restaurant.

Another property which the City is looking to buy is at the corner of Pendale Road and James Watt Drive on El Paso’s east side. The City may spend $1.15 million to purchase the 10.56 acre plot of land which is currently vacant. 
A 10.56 acre plot of land in east El Paso could become a community park.

If the sale is approved, the land will be used for a community park to serve the neighborhoods nearby. The park will have a budget of $5 million, also funded by 2012 Quality of Life Bonds, according to the Parks & Recreation rollout plan and could be completed by 2016.