Thursday, July 25, 2013

City Parks Benefiting from 2012 Quality of Life Bonds

Sunset Heights, Yucca Next in Line for Improvements and New Amenities

Two park projects are putting voter-approved bond dollars to work, one in a historic central El Paso neighborhood and another in the city’s Lower Valley. The projects are funded by the 2012 Quality of Life bonds approved by voters last November.
This artistic rendering of the planned Sunset Heights Park improvements shows a shade canopy over one of the two new playground areas. (Renderings:

A public meeting was held by the City on Saturday, July 20th, to inform residents about the upcoming Sunset Heights Park improvement project which is located 631 Stewart Court, in the Sunset Heights historic district. Construction will close the park during the project’s duration.

Sunset Heights Park improvements include removal of the existing irrigation system, playground equipment, and perimeter stone walls as part of the demolition phase of the project. The contractor will then install a new irrigation system that will water new grass, trees, and shrubs. Amenities will include two new, larger playground areas, a brand new shade structure, planting strips, and sidewalks and paths.

The City awarded the $321 thousand contract in June to Mirador Enterprises of El Paso ( Mirador was previously a contractor for the City on the Cavalryman pocket park project near the Museum of History which was completed last year. Construction on the Sunset Heights Park project is expected to begin within the next month and be completed within four months.

City Council voted this week on an agenda item to award the contract for improvements to Yucca Park in the Lower Valley. The 16 acre park, located at the corner of Yarbrough Drive and Yermoland Drive, would receive new amenities in a currently undeveloped area of the park.

Approximately 1.65 acres of land to the south of the City’s Municipal Services Center would be converted to an active part of the park. New sod, trees, and landscape would take the place of the current plot of dirt. A chess-playing area will be added which includes colored concrete.

Once work is completed by the contractor, the City will install picnic tables, benches, trash cans, and shade canopies. The City voted this week on the contract to award the $360 thousand contract to Globe Builders of El Paso. Construction on the project could be completed by early 2014.