Tuesday, May 28, 2013

$64M Hotel Complex (Updated)

City to Vote on Incentives for 4-Star Airport Hotel/Retail Center

Update: Council voted 7-0 to approve the lease agreement and incentives package for the project.

Original Story:
The City of El Paso may enter into a lease agreement with a developer this week in order to bring a $64 million hotel and retail complex to airport land. In return, the City will provide EP Vida, LLC, with incentives in order to make the hotel project a reality.
The site plan for the hotel/retail complex was teased by the City Development Department and shows several retail buildings and a triangle-shaped hotel.
(Photo: facebook.com/ElPasoCityDevelopment)
The development will be located at the corner of Boeing Drive and Airway Boulevard in a vacant nine acre plot of land owned by the City. According to the item on City Council’s agenda, EP Vida will build a 220 room “Four Star” hotel on the property. 

The City’s list of “Four Star” amenities include availability of presidential and executive suites, concierge service, a full service restaurant and bar, meetings rooms, and “upscale” interior finishes. The City desires a “modern, refreshing, welcoming, comfortable and exceptional guest experience” for the hotel.

An attached Specialty Retail Center will also be constructed and owned by the developer and will create 66,000 square feet of retail space, 14,000 square feet of restaurant space, and 7,000 square feet of office space. 

The property was recently subdivided by the city in anticipation of the mixed-use development. This is a small piece of the Southern Industrial Park Master Plan adopted by the City last year for a large section of airport land. As part of the Master Plan, the area was rezoned to SmartCode standards.

A site plan posted to the City of El Paso’s Development Department Facebook page shows a high density development with a main street lined with retail uses that leads up to the proposed hotel which has a triangular footprint.
The property was subdivided in March in anticipation of the project.
A traffic circle sits near the middle of the area, and on-street parking is offered in both perpendicular and angled slots. Hidden parking lots are strategically located within retail blocks. Retail uses also line Boeing Drive on the northern side of the property.

The City’s incentives for the project include a 100% property tax rebate, a 100% rebate of the City’s portion of sales tax, and a 50% Hotel Occupancy Tax rebate, all for a ten year period. EP Vida’s responsibilities in the agreement include creating 300 jobs at the complex and spending a minimum of $64 million to create the hotel and retail center.

EP Vida will be required to commence construction of the complex within 12 months of the date of the Chapter 380 incentives agreement, presumably within one year from now. No hotel brand or retailers are named within the agreement or agenda item.

EP Vida, LLC, was created by SAVA Holdings of Dallas and Paragon Project Resources of El Paso. The website for SAVA Holdings indicate that the developer has worked on projects that include hotel brands such as Aloft, element by Westin, and Staybridge Suites, among others. 

One Group Design, LP, a part of the SAVA group, designed the teased site plan and has recently worked on several Aloft hotel projects according to a recently uploaded YouTube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7lur6FnHX0). Neither the lease agreement nor the Chapter 380 incentives agreement indicate if the proposed hotel will carry the Aloft name.

The El Paso City Council will consider the items at its May 28, 2013, meeting.

City Subdividing Vacant Parcel Near Airway/Montana Intersection


  1. The city of El Paso has been wanting to attract a hotel development at this location since back in the early 1980's. Four Star or Five Star, seems they finally landed a big catch!

  2. I saw a picture of the hotel building and it looks pretty nice,the hotel will stand about 10 to fourteen stories tall.

  3. This looks like it will be really nice!

    I also saw a picture of the building design, not sure if it was a final draft or just an example of what can be done there. It looks like it was 12-14 stories (As High Lonesome pointed out) and it had Westin hotel logo on it.

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  5. We need incentives like thes for a high rise hotel & condo or apartment downtown. It could be a 12 story hotel plus 12 story apartment building. If you add a 6 story parking garage you have a 3O story tower of a height anywhere from 330-360 feet. El Paso needs a couple of more modern and tall high rise buildings for our diwntown to look decent.

  6. Does anybody know whats going to happen with the diablos stadium in the future and asarcos land and sun bowl renovations. As for airport hotel complex, its about time and why not even make a resort by the mountains or airport and downtown needs new hotels. Crazy question, is there any secret master plans that we should we waiting for? Maybe a new simon mall or waterpark or even six flags. I read that el paso wanted to lease government land around fortbliss for a six flags.

  7. Benjamin R! You said the magic word, Incentives or "tax breaks" That is what got the Double Tree Hotel in downtown.It also help jump start the Fountains at Farah, and now this new 4 star Westin Hotel by the airport;I agree we need some new buildings in downtown. I was hoping that Border Plex would be making some kind of announcement yesterday about the Muir building. Turns out they are going to knock down a Henry Trost historical building to make a surface parking lot.Lets see what happens after the new stadium and arena are built in downtown,that might inspire new developments there.
    As for the Diablos stadium "Cohen stadium" I heard that it will remain as a all purpose functional facility. There are also plans that a major Water Park company wants to build a water park next to Cohen stadium.The only master plan that I read about is Plan El Paso! a complete makeover of some of El Paso to incorporate Smart Growth amenities.

  8. When will the North East side of town get some respect and amenities. With the North East Express way and loop 375 we are now a major rout through the city. We could use some of these smart growth communities and Fountain malls and so forth. It always seems that the East and west sides of town get additional resources and then the north east gets down played. Need proof look at the freeway's on the east and west sides and then come out here and look at the north east. They have fancy stone work, pillars that do nothing but look pretty, trees and path ways, and what does the north east have? White concrete. WHOOPIE! Fort Bliss is located out here in the North East side of town, and the first look many of these soldiers get, you would think this city would want to make a great first impression, but instead it treats the N.E. like a red headed step child.

  9. Northeast El Paso is getting a state of the art skate park for now but don't ever expect much from your district representative Carl Robinson, like Eddie Holguin he Votes no on everything.

  10. This hotel is a great thing... that spot is where the old Levi plant was. The hotel looks small in comparison to the Marriott across the street, but if they build up and not out then that should make for a an outstanding site. That intersection is already rather busy, and the addition of shopping there and the hotel may make things much worse... hope the city has a plan for the increase in traffic. That area can use the clean up this hotel will provide. I am glad to see it coming.

    I have a question on the fountain site... where are all the boutique shops and the upscale stores we were promised? Would be great if they could get an IKEA and other stores El Paso does not currently have.