Monday, July 23, 2012

UTEP Unveils Campus 'Transformation' Images

University Avenue Eastern Gateway
The University of Texas at El Paso has unveiled conceptual images of what the campus will look like within a few years after an outdoor "transformation" is completed. Common areas throughout UTEP will go through major changes as vehicular traffic is moved out of the central areas and replaced with paths, lawns, common areas, shade trees, and a multitude of landscape features.
Hawthorne Avenue looking east from Rim Road.
Eleven projects are outlined in the school's plans and include Centennial Plaza, Lhakhang, Leech Grove, Eastern Gateway, The Arroyo, Miner Alley, Old Main / Circle Drive, Union West, Wiggins Road, Psychology Building, and Hawthorne Street.
Centennial Plaza and Lhakhang
One of the biggest changes will create a new Centennial Plaza in the middle of campus, ringed by the Union, Geological Sciences, Psychology and Administration buildings. Construction will remove current streets, parking lots, and concrete areas to reveal a more natural environment. The plaza will "include a large open area reminiscent of urban plazas located across the Paso del Norte region and in Mexico, where residents congregate and celebrate life."
Miner Alley
An infusion of scores of trees will add to a more pedestrian-friendly feel and will include natural, drought-tolerant species such as Mesquite Trees. The focus will be on creating a consistent canopy all through the campus to shade students, faculty, and visitors as they stroll through the grounds. Native vegetation and flowering plants will be grouped to have a grander impact.
The Arroyo
And the University will take great steps in reinvigorating and promoting the campus Arroyo to a more prominent feature. According to the plans, "Its natural beauty will be enhanced with the addition of new bridges, overlooks and landscaping. New pathways and seating areas will encourage walking, bicycling and other outdoor activity both within the campus itself and as the campus connects with planned neighborhood developments in such areas as Arroyo Park."

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