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Cielo Vista Mall Needs Major Upgrade
Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cielo Vista Mall on El Paso's east side is the city's largest and most popular shopping destination. With 1.2 million square feet of leasable space, it is considered a Super Regional Mall by the International Council of Shopping Centers. Popular with regional shoppers, it sees millions of shoppers on an annual basis according to Simon Properties, which manages the center.
But with multiple town center developments planned around the city, like Montecillo, Aldea, and El Cruzero, can Cielo Vista Mall remain the most popular shopping center in the coming years? And will the new Fountains at Farah development just across the street dampen the mall's shopping figures? It's probably far too soon to try and answer those questions, but there is something we feel the old mall can do to stay relevant in today's town center climate.


  1. I think El Paso needs to adopt a theme for its new buildings, like a Mexican architecture theme or a Bhutanese utep theme or maybe a combination of both. El Paso has yet to find itself. The city government should set an ordinance where all new development contain the city theme.

  2. Cielo Vista could probably due with a face lift to match the fountains style. Since the city decided to put 2 retail location in such close proximity why not have some cohesion. Maybe a shuttle from one to the other could also lend to bringing the area together.
    Another possibility could be to add a covered walkway and sitting areas around key entrances in place of some of the parking lots, to give the same outdoor shopping area feel as the fountains which could help update its look. I guess we'll see how well the mall keeps up with sales and what they're willing to change to keep up.

  3. The area good use some capital improvements to handle the traffic better.

  4. With the addition of the Fountains to the area, I think this idea needs another look.