Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Massive East Side Entertainment-Retail Center Proposed

By Armando Landin

Far East El Paso could be in line for one of the biggest retail and entertainment centers the city has ever seen, according to plans for a new center at the Americas Interchange.

The proposed Plaza Del Rey development in El Paso spans nearly 300 acres and includes over 1.6 million square feet of retail space. (West Retail)

Plaza Del Rey would have a total of 2.8 million square feet of usable space if built as currently planned, including 1.68 million dedicated to retail alone which includes a proposed outlet mall.

Developers for the site envision an enormous retail area that swoops around the outside of the development surrounding an inner area with restaurants, entertainment options, and hotels.

The site plan shows a total of four hotels, all located nearest to the Interstate 10/Loop 375 interchange. The plan includes a total of just under 500 hotel rooms at the development.

The Plaza Del Rey development in Far East El Paso envisions large picturesque ponds with water features lined by several restaurants. (West Retail)

To the southwest of the hotels, an entertainment and restaurant district would take shape. The site plan includes large ponds with spouting fountains lined by a total of ten restaurants. More restaurants would line Americas Avenue, the frontage road to Loop 375 south of I-10.

Entertainment options in the plan include a movie theater, an unspecified "entertainment" building, and a Topgolf-style driving range.

Plaza Del Rey will be located in Far East El Paso in the southern quadrant of the Loop 375/Interstate 10 interchange. (Google Maps)

Retailers line the southern boundaries of Plaza Del Rey in a general power center layout, with major anchors surrounded by smaller stores and shops. Two major anchors have their own spot along Americas Avenue in the plan.

Towards the northeastern side of the project, the developer envisions an outlet mall with more than 600,000 square feet of retail space alone. More restaurant and retail spaces line the areas along Gateway East.

An outlet mall is part of the massive Plaza Del Rey developments, proposed for Far East El Paso. (West Retail)

Additionally, the plan dedicates 99,000 square feet for grocery, 31,400 square feet for fitness, and 8,400 square feet for bank uses at the 300 acre project.

At a total of 1.68 million square feet of retail space, Plaza Del Rey would certainly be one of the largest shopping center projects ever built in El Paso. In comparison, Cielo Vista Mall contains around 1.2 million square feet of leasable space while the Fountains at Farah has about 600,000 square feet.

The project's website cites the combined population of El Paso and Juarez as a reason for starting the development, stating, "Together with the surrounding areas, the cities form El Paso–Ju├írez, the second largest bi-national metropolitan area on the Mexico-United States border with a combined population of over 2.7 million people."

The entire development surrounds the existing Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center, currently surrounded by the vacant land.

There is no timeline for construction of the project, and the site plan was most likely created for illustrative purposes and is subject to change, particularly if the land is sold to another developer. West Retail of El Paso is the developer on the project.

For more information, visit the West Retail website:


  1. This new development 'if it ever gets built' would really be a great addition to my own neck of the woods since it involves an outlet mall.But a pending new recession and economic downturn can derail everything we know as a good thing
    giving that America is about to enter it's most doubtful years of disparity come January 20 2017.Not even the Mexican shopper can save El Paso from a new recession that is predicted to be much worst than the one we had in 2008.

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    2. So you know what the future will bring??? How about giving up the next power ball numbers?

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  4. El Paso is growing, all we can do is hope and work hard for the best. I have been in retail for 18 years and the past few years have been pretty bad for us. Living in a border city, we only thrive if our Mexican neighbors come spend and shop here.

  5. Finally this town is showing some growth. We need all kinds of jobs here, so that will help. Now more options of places to go shopping and dining. Not the same old places over and over.

  6. My gosh,it looks like it's mostly parking lot! Trees are nice but cost $$ to water. You are in a desert. May I suggest instead a series of solar panel canopies blanketing the parking area. These would produce a considerable amount of electricity while shading customers' cars.
    Also offer free recharging spots for people who bring their electric cars. (They also generate less heat than internal combustion engines)

  7. I guess we will never have state fair grounds, a franchise amusement park, an outdoor amphitheatre, a waterpark, or anything besides shopping centers. This city never considers growth also consists of other things besides shopping.

    1. Shopping centers inspire more growth and help fuel our economy by proving more jobs. Where would you think that a state fairground would be best suited in El Paso? A franchise amusement park? we need better city leaders than what we have now.We do have an outdoor amphitheater which is underutilize, McKelligon Canyon Amphitheater Theater! There is a waterpark called Wet & Wild but we can do better.
      I totally agree with the Theme Franchise Amusement Park it's called Quality of Life Amenities.

  8. When will this open, I'm pretty sure the city will not hold back this kind of plans, or will they.Thank god for foster he has used his money to make El Paso better.
    Any news on remodeling sunland park mall and making cohen stadium something?
    What about that new hotel development by the airport?
    Simon properties should do an outdoor mall, or remake sunland park.

    1. The city will not hold back on this type of new development that is very unlikely,no opening date yet set.Yes Paul Foster has done many good things for El Paso despite all his critics that envy him.I doubt that Sunland Park Mall will ever get remodeled as we are still waiting for Cielo Vista Mall to get expended since last year.
      And that new airport hotel development that is or was known as the Westin Hotel is put on hold due to greed by the owner of the Wyndham Hotel. As he wants all the airport tourist coming to El Paso to stay at his hotel only.
      Again as for Sunland Park Mall, Macy's is closing and that mall it self don't get the support from the El Paso Westside shoppers like it should.
      It might go the same way as Northgate Mall did,but hopefully not.

    2. I'm going to be honest, my partner and I have college degrees and we are about leave El Paso by 2018.
      We are tired of the slow thinking El Paso people that don't wanna see progress.
      El Paso has a bright future but it has to happen now and use Juarez as their decoy.
      Someway somehow El Paso needs to take the next step and surprise us all.......
      I know we are the armpit of Texas and have no theme in our city but god, I'm tired of El Paso not taking the big steps forward.
      With alll respect, our Mexican culture kills the city and if you're Mexican American you what I'm saying.
      Once again, if it wasn't for the fosters and hunts, we probably would have nothing.
      I can't wait any longer, half graduates leave El Paso and never come back.
      Everybody leaves for San Antonio, austin, Dfw, Houston, and says, " I love El Paso but sure is a sh*t hole."
      Even my sister who is about enter college in 2018 plans to leave El Paso once she finishes college, hopefully by then El Paso will have a downtown arena, amusement park, a real out outdoor mall, working trolley system, an improved I-10 and loop, and most importantly JOBS.
      The only jobs that exist in El Paso are registered nurse or teacher jobs and the rest who want to work in immigration or police department.
      By the way, all military people take jobs from El Paso residents, pathetic.

    3. I totally agree, my family and I are thinking about leaving to another city too. I also know many people who have left and more people who are looking into leaving.

    4. Denise 03! I totally agree and share the same point of view with most of your comments.Most El Pasoans seem not not care or pay attention to how other people throughout the country perceive us for who we really are.
      Juarez is not what it use to be back in the day it was fun to venture there,but then came police brutality,cop bribes,corruption and finally the cartel wars. El Paso is only the armpit in the eyes from those that will always stereotype our city for it's browness by mostly east Texans.The problem with El Paso not taking the next step is probably more to do with mayor Oscar Leeser and city representative Lily Limon.
      People with stagnant backward minds and ways of thinking without consideration to the majority of the voters that voted for the 2012 quality of lifebond issues.So instead they listen to the opposition,those against the downtown arena,for these people themselves don't represent us or the majority of all El Pasoans.
      It must be a Mexican national thing that some of these people want to keep us looking pretty much third world with their Don't Touch This Barrio Attitude protest.
      Some people don't believe in progress or change and so they continue to keep our city behind times.I good example is the continuation of the ongoing drama as to where to build the downtown arena.
      Some of our own city leaders held secrets meetings with the opposition,those against the Union Plaza including the Texas Historical Commission.The historic people claiming to want to preserve
      dilapidated eyesore neglected ruins based on their own ideology ways to gain fame from undesirables and radicals.
      To bad that we don't organize and form and opposition group to these same people and tell them where we stand and where we are coming from.
      So the mayor and some city councils members think that people are not paying attention to how they are ruining out city.Again I agree with you about all military people taking jobs from the local citizens,but then again they are also American citizens,and probably with more education and better skills.The only beef I have against some of them is that within those groups there are many bigots and racist people that relocated to El Paso. I've never seen so many of them but I know that Fort Bliss brought many of them here, some good and some not very good.Rest assure that things are not going to change for the better,best solution is to register to vote then go out and vote for the best qualified candidate.Good Luck in your ventures and maybe when you come back to El Paso,well have that downtown arena built over at Union Plaza.AmusementTheme Park,a real out door mall and all the ammenities of a real functioning American City, I like to call them Advanced Civilizations.Jobs in the medical field are the most demanding,but we also need research jobs and high tech jobs that all pay good. The mayor has not delivered anything yet to date other than lip service and lying to us all.
      Good Luck! and do come back before the world ends.

    5. A lot of hardworking El Pasoans who have to pay an insane amount of property taxes are burdened by rapidly increasing rates every year. There is a paranoia that the caprices of a few who do not know these big budget projects entail money to build and maintain, will dictate how the much the rest of the citizenry have to shoulder. The local government should not mandate the taxpayers to pay for something they have not voted for. Let individuals such as Foster et. al. support such endeavors because government would be the worst entity to run a business. El Paso should not chase after things it could not afford. Let the private business sector do what it does best, create jobs.

  9. Did El Paso stop developing in January? Any new articles on the way?

    1. The blog is not very consistent at times they can take up to six months or more to update any new articles. But at least we do get some trolls to keep us amused as we live in trumps world! The El Paso Inc. keeps me informed when EPDN is on vacation or dormant.
      Keep checking back and maybe someone is at the office today?

  10. The only reason I keep checking this dead blog is to get the weather report!
    may you RIP EPDN!

  11. This thing will not happen for a very very long time

  12. The "Developer" hasn't developed anything in El Paso. The group doesn't own the frontage, where they have all of the restaurants. So you are going to 3x the retail space, than what the Fountains has done? Who are your tenants, Costco, IKEA....well this "developer" lied and said he had them for west side of town, only to have IKEA make a formal statement in the EP Times that they are not coming to EP under any circumstances, Costco has shot down the claims as well. I wouldn't trust a word from this group

    1. WHAT THE F%&#? they deleted my post, I was only saying nice things about the rapist Donald Trump! HOW DEPLORABLE U R.

  13. The "Developer" hasn't developed anything in El Paso. The group doesn't own the frontage, where they have all of the restaurants. So you are going to 3x the retail space, than what the Fountains has done? Who are your tenants, Costco, IKEA....well this "developer" lied and said he had them for west side of town, only to have IKEA make a formal statement in the EP Times that they are not coming to EP under any circumstances, Costco has shot down the claims as well. I wouldn't trust a word from this group

    1. Jose Alberto Gonzalez - what a joke. Trec disciplinary action. His long list of failures in just the past couple years: us sand llc, Taurus energy llc, Tanaka drilling, Houston opportunity fund, jag holdings, Royal blue energy llc, and more. Is this guy even capable of success.

    2. Texas libertarian: He peddled the same bs in Houston from about 2013-2016 before returning to El Paso. Two evictions in Houston including default judgement. One eviction in El Paso in the 2000s. Guys pathetic. All the info in the court records including his deposition, complaints, exhibits.

    3. On one of jose Gonzalez llc sites he claimed he managed $30,000,000,000,000 in real estate assets at the same time he was being evicted and had to have employee lease him 2 cars because his poor credit. Apparently both cars were repossessed. See his failed "Houston opportunity fund" bs.

  14. Does anyone even perform due diligence anymore. This guy Gonzalez has a stink I can smell 1,000 miles away. His Royal blue energy has an $11,000,000 judgement. He has like a dozen pending and settled cases in Houston over $1,000,000 demanded. Fraud cases. Trec disciplinary action. Never seen a sleazier guy!!!!.

  15. Rest In Peace captain america! Ha ha ha ha...... tell fred trump hello.

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