Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Collaborative Office Space Opens in Historic Downtown Building

By Armando Landin

The second floor of a historic building in Downtown El Paso is now home to a new collaborative office space. The 5,500 square foot space, named One : One, is on the second level of 500 North Oregon, a building completed in 1901.

A new collaborative office space has opened in Downtown El Paso on the second level of a historic building. (Courtesy One : One)

The renovated layout of One : One includes offices with glass walls, desks and seating areas in an open space, and conference rooms encased in glass cubes.

Co-founders Jacob Pacheco, Johnny Escalante, and Kiki Cervantes tore down the previously existing walls that separated the second floor into seven rooms. Outer walls were stripped to original brick, and the cement floors were exposed to create a "modern, industrial feel."

Individual office spaces can be leased on a monthly basis at One : One in Downtown El Paso. (Courtesy One : One)

The group named the space after January 1st (1/1) as a way to invoke a feeling of a "new beginning."

One : One's goal is to bring together "entrepreneurs, creatives, start-ups and established businesses into an inspirational environment that pushes you to do more, take more risks, be more bold, to treat every day like it’s your first day on any project," according to the venture's brochure.

The floor plan at One : One in El Paso. (Courtesy One : One)

Shared office spaces are popular in other cities as they allow startups and smaller businesses to take part in an office environment without having to lease oftentimes pricey dedicated spaces.

“When I launched Aidan James, one of my fears was signing a big office lease,” says co-founder Pacheco in a press release. “One : One makes it easy for start-ups to set up shop and begin working right away, and established companies benefit from our professional presence and conference rooms.”

Conference rooms can be leased on an hourly basis at One : One, a collaborative office space now open in a historic building in Downtown El Paso. (Courtesy One : One)

One : One memberships start at $100 per month and can be upgraded to include a dedicated desk ($250) or a private office ($1,100). Private offices can fit up to eight people and include 24-hour access.

Other features include conference rooms that can be reserved by the hour, WiFi, and a break area that includes a microwave and refrigerator.

For more information, visit One : One's Facebook page:


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