Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Lofts Breathe New Life Into Historic Five Points Building

By Armando Landin     

The historic Five Points neighborhood in Central El Paso has seen a steady resurgence in recent years, and a recently completed renovation project is adding loft apartments to the mix.

Left: Stairs lead to the street level entrance of the Stevens Block 3 Lofts in Central El Paso. Right: A newly renovated loft space still includes historic touches such as exposed brick. (Courtesy Hiett, Pharr & Associates)

Stevens Block 3 Lofts are now open at 801 North Piedras Street on the second level of the historic Stevens Building, built in 1921.

Thirteen lofts are available for rent and range in size from 250 to 400 square feet, offering a mix of modern amenities and vintage touches.

Large windows bright up the kitchen and living area in the Stevens Block 3 Lofts in the Five Points neighborhood in El Paso. (Courtesy Hiett, Pharr & Associates)

Each loft has a unique floor plan and includes a living space, kitchen, bathroom, and closet.

The developer has modernized the spaces while keeping historic touches throughout. While each kitchen is up to date with stainless steel appliances, some walls in the lofts are made of exposed brick while parts of the floor are covered in vintage tile.

Four of the six retail spaces have been leased at the historic Stevens Building in Central El Paso. (Courtesy Hiett, Pharr & Associates)

Wooden floors and large windows are also included in each unit, and bathrooms are fitted with new fixtures and floating vanities. Old touches help make each loft unique. An old fireplace, an antique skylight, steel shelving, are all examples of details that give each small space character.

On the first level, four of the six available storefronts have already been leased and include a yoga studio, a hair salon, an architectural firm, and a bakery that should open soon.

The kitchen of a unit at the Stevens Block 3 Lofts includes stainless steel appliances and vintage tile, located in Central El Paso. (Courtesy Hiett, Pharr & Associates)

According to Jason Hiett, Vice President at Hiett, Pharr & Associates, the response to the project has been great with younger professionals attracted to the "urban feel" of the lofts.

"The Stevens property proves that a smaller historical mix-use property cannot only exist but flourish in many of El Paso’s submarkets," Hiett states.

"I think investors will be seeking out redevelopment projects comparable to the Stevens property in the near future knowing that similar results can be accomplished."

Wooden floors span the living area of one of the Stevens Block 3 Lofts in El Paso, located in the historic Five Points neighborhood. (Courtesy Hiett, Pharr & Associates)

Rent ranges from $635 to $800 and includes water, cable, and internet service. The building is fitted with security cameras with the residential area accessible using a key card. Limited parking is available for $25 a month.

The property brochure adds that nearby retail and restaurants are within a two minute walk, while the Sun Metro Five Point transit terminal is next door.

Those interested in viewing or leasing a loft or retail space can contact Jason Hiett at (915) 760-4533.


  1. Beautiful now on to the rest of 5 Points!

  2. Great idea that is affordable for most young people.

  3. I always like good progress and I have witness the Five Points neighborhood from it's better years when Sears department store was located there.
    And now the resurrection of the old neighborhood for El Paso's newer millennial generation,these lofts should rent out pretty fast.
    I use to work at Gunning Casteel across from Sears back in the day and as far as these new centrally located lofts are concern.Times are surely changing fast in El Paso and they are a most welcome addition to the Five Points neighborhood.Even though small and kinda of a little pricey,younger people should find these lofts a suitable form of living environment.
    $635 to $800 that is almost about the same price for the downtown Martin Lofts including limited parking.Parking is the most essential important part of renting, over at the Campbell Street apartments a one bed room goes for $650.at 574 sqaure feet but includes parking covered garage.I do believe that they are all filled up now but they still have the leasing sign posted above the fifth floor.All these new lofts and apartments are great regardless of price range,the more ammenities,competition,and quality the better.

  4. all that work... and they put in that formica sink &counter?

  5. Single pane glass and down to the natural brick?
    That means on insulation in the walls.
    Gonna be chilly in the winter not to mention the noise from the traffic below and the bars across the street.

  6. Agreed!As much as I like exposed brick on the inside they failed at making a space people are going to want to stay in...it will be loud. Not to mention they managed to make the façade uglier then when the building was empty. Black window panes and ugly green paint.... unbelievable.....and no trees streetwise. All that being said...it is a step in the right direction and interior style wise they made it interesting.

  7. My overall view is that I don't agree with the rent being charged and to have to pay extra for parking! But the overall picture fits with changing modern times.
    At least the historic Stevens Building has been brought back to good use and not just getting dilapidated year after year by being vacant.
    I'm sure that there are many people that will find it very appeasing with pleasant living accommodations,brick walls fire place wooden floors. The only real problem would be noise from the nearby bars with their loud music and screaming partygoers.Unless the building itself comes with soundproof glass windows to keep outside noise completely out.

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