Thursday, August 11, 2016

See Before and After Street Views of Major El Paso Projects

By Armando Landin

Apartment rental site RENTCafé has compiled a series of eleven before and after Street View images of major projects in El Paso.

This screenshot shows an image slider at the RENTCafé website that allows El Pasoans to see the Street View from the same spot and how it's changed from 2007 to 2015. Here, the Venue at Montecillo apartment buildings line Mesa Street in the newer image. (RENTCafé)

The sliders on the images at the site allow El Pasoans to view the changing streetscape by dragging the arrow bars left and right. The right side of each image depicts the Street View in 2007 while the left side shows the same spot in 2015.

The website selected major projects such as Southwest University Park, where the former City Hall was located prior to being demolished to make way for the Triple-A ballpark.

The former El Paso City Hall stands on the left in this Street View image from 2007, while the Triple-A ballpark that took its place is on the right. (RENTCafé)

Another project highlighted is the Children's Hospital tower in Central El Paso, part of University Medical Center.

El Paso Children's Hospital was a major addition to its Central neighborhood's streetscape, as seen in these before and after Street Views. (RENTCafé)

Smaller projects are also included, such as an infill apartment building that went up in the historic Sunset Heights neighborhood in recent years, an East Side movie theater, and North Hills Crossing in Northeast El Paso.

Check out the eleven before and after images at the RENTCafé website by clicking here.

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  1. The Federal Court House took a long time to get built as I watched them build it from a webcam on top of the Chelsea Tower.They broke ground in early 2007 and didn't finish till 2009 for a eight story building.I once had a live streaming webcam website when they were building the Children's Hospital,that building went up pretty quick.City Hall, was a new addition to downtown El Paso
    back in the summer of 1978,before then the vacant acreage was part of the old San Francisco Historical District.As previous structures had been demolish to make way for the Civic Center,city hall at the discretion of former El Paso mayor Ray Salazar.Requested that a new city hall be built at the same spot of
    land where it met it's fate on April 2013 in order to build Southwest University Park Stadium.Ray Salazar should had built city hall where it should had been built in the first place,the Government District.Where all the important government buildings are located in downtown El Paso. Last but not least the Montecillo Apartments on North Mesa Street? I went to check out the View on Montecillo last summer,I thought that it might be a nice quiet place to move too.Since they have age regulations
    for these particular apartment rentals meaning No KIDS or wild teenagers!
    As for the View itself, it was very ritzy and very pricey as you pay more for each floor level the higher you go.Good thing it stops at four levels.
    After watching TV commercials about the View at Montecillo I figured out that
    the place is all about money wealth and character.It has nothing to do with retirement or just lay back and kick it.But more like overage deep pocket lusty party goers with plenty of swingers.