Tuesday, July 19, 2016

West El Paso Tower Approved by City Council

By Armando Landin   

City Council has unanimously approved a rezoning change that will allow the 22-story Shadow Mountain development in West El Paso to proceed.

The City of El Paso has approved the 22-story Shadow Mountain mixed use project on the West Side. (Meyers Group)

In a special meeting held solely to consider the project on July 19, 2016, City Representatives heard from members of the community on both sides of the issue, those supporting and those opposed to the tower.

Meyers Group of Florida, which also has an El Paso office, proposed the project in April. The $100+ million project will raise a mixed-use tower at 201 Shadow Mountain Drive, just east of the Sunland Park Drive/North Mesa Street intersection. The existing Coronado Tower is nearby.

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Individuals in support of the project highlighted the enormous private investment in El Paso and expected corresponding economic boost, while those opposed argued that the tower would obstruct views and increase traffic.

Though no concrete construction timeline has been revealed, the Meyers Group has already purchased the property. City staff has indicated the majority of construction will be completed by 2019.

The tower will include apartments, hotel units, a parking garage, and ground floor retail.

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  1. I'm more than glad that this issue has finally been put to rest! I watched the city council meeting this morning on Time Warner Cable. And I applaud city council's Unanimous YES Vote as they are all onboard,one however has some reservations but still voted yes.
    This is very good news for El Paso,not just those that live in the westside but for the entire city. I look forward for the towers construction to start early next year during the first quarter of 2017.
    Rest assure that many other developers from other parts of the country will put El Paso on their planning list.

    1. BTW once the Shadow Mountain Tower is built it will become the city's second tallest building standing at 256ft high! Eclipsing the Chase Bank Building by only six feet.

    2. Only in El Paso would more apartment buildings be called "progressive." Although I do like this development, if we are not careful, the West side will look like Northeast - Apartment village - Keep voting for Courtney and that's what you'll get.

    3. I contest your negative statement! if you read carefully and follow through detail these apartments in the Shadow Mountain development.
      Also come with a hotel including 40,000 square feet of retail space,
      Obviously you are one of those nimby people.If you consider Northeast El Paso as apartment village you are not taking into account that there are many military people resideng there.As for bashing Cortney Niland hang it up? she's very popular more than you'll ever be.
      She is mayor quality qualified persona next to mayor Oscar Leeser in this city council administration.She was also very instrumental with the previous mayor John Cook administration by supporting and voting for the Southwest University Park Stadium.

    4. I live on Shadow Mountain. My balcony gives me a gorgeous view of the sunsets.

  2. Lost on why these people say they will loose their view. If you want to enjoy your view, don't you actually have to open your blinds? I drive on Shadow Mountain frequently, the sun must be intense for the people who live on this street.

    1. These nimby people just want to throw their weight around to see how far they can get away with it. But it didn't work out for them,they looked pretty stupid at yesterdays special city council meeting. None of their excuses had any valid reason they were all the same excuses, Blocked Views of the mountains and traffic. Dist.5 rep. Dr Noe put them all into their place when he said: I represent district 5 and my constituents don't care about the views of the mountains.I care about them having to write a check every year to the city of El Paso.Dist 2 rep Cortney Niland who represents where the Tower is going to get built said: I live near Shadow Mountain drive, I drive on Mesa street everyday to work same as you.It's just the way it is and I put up with it so why can't you.
      The tower really won't block any views of the mountain maybe unless you are to stand next to it from one side when it gets built.

  3. Notice how these nimby people never once complaint about all the houses that are getting built on the west side slopes of the Franklin mountains?Yet their views and traffic congestion was all their important fuss and feud about the Tower.
    Make no sense!

  4. Too bad that this Shadow Mountain Tower ended up being a Meyer's Group "FAKE TOWER" it could have been under construction right now. But instead the Meyer's Group bowed to the El Paso NIMBY's that is why we don't ever have anything nice that gets built in this city. Because idiots always have to protest just like they are doing now about the downtown arena ever getting built.