Tuesday, June 14, 2016

'Extreme Makeover' for New El Paso County 911 Center

A project is underway to renovate a new location for the El Paso County Regional Communications Command Center and is being described as an "extreme makeover" by the contractor.

A rendering of what the renovated El Paso County 911 District building will look like once completed. The renovated warehouse will be located in Northeast El Paso. (Sundt)

The El Paso County 911 District will use the renovated building as a "redundant" site to support existing 911 infrastructure. The existing warehouse is located at the corner of Railroad Drive and Threadgill Avenue in Northeast El Paso.

According to a blog post by the project's "Construction Manager at Risk," Sundt Construction of Arizona, work is beginning on the $16 million project, which should take about a year to complete.

“There are several surprises that await in the constructability,” said Project Director Joe Riccillo in the blog post.

“We are removing about 20,000 square feet of slab to create a raised flooring system on the call floor, and we are adding joists to the building in order to support the new mechanical units on the roof, which we will have to peel back the deck in order to install. We are sure the existing building has a few surprises in store for us. Resolving these items quickly will be key.”

Sundt has previously worked on 911 centers in San Antonio and Tucson and is currently working on the collector-distributor project on Interstate 10 in West El Paso.

Read more about the 911 Center project at Sundt's website.


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