Thursday, April 28, 2016

New Cinemark Theater to Anchor 'Eastlake Marketplace' near Horizon City

The Far East El Paso area is getting yet another Cinemark movie theater as part of a large shopping center development at the corner of Eastlake Boulevard and Gateway West. It will be the theater chain's fourth location in the East El Paso area.

A Cinemark movie theater will anchor Eastlake Marketplace at the corner of Eastlake Boulevard and I-10. (Site Plan: River Oaks Properties)

The Cinemark theater will anchor a new shopping center named Eastlake Marketplace in an area just outside of El Paso's city limits, west of Horizon City.

A site plan for the development shows the theater located along Gateway West with the majority of retailers on the northern side.

A row of construction equipment sits at the site of the future Eastlake Marketplace in El Paso. (El Paso Development News Staff)

Another large anchor is shown on the site plan, listed at nearly 190,000 square feet. It shows a possible related fuel island.

Eastlake Marketplace is located on I-10 and Eastlake Boulevard, just outside of El Paso city limits. 

Smaller shops and restaurants will be located nearer to Gateway West and Eastlake Boulevard, similar to what is seen in the plans for West Towne Marketplace.

A sign announces a future Cinemark
theater in the Far East area of El Paso.
(El Paso Development News staff)
The East Side of El Paso alone has three Cinemark locations already, at Cielo Vista Mall, at Las Palmas Marketplace, and on Montana Avenue at Rich Beem Boulevard. The West Side locations are at Sunland Park Mall and at Remcon Circle.

Few other details are available regarding Eastlake Marketplace, which is being developed by River Oaks Properties of El Paso.

No official announcement has been made for the new Cinemark, which has been made public by a sign at the development. A construction completion date has not been disclosed.


  1. Like we need another Cinemark. There are other movie chains that we need in El Paso, like AMC, Regal, Alamo Drafthouse, iPic Theater, Harkins.

  2. We need something for families . Not another low IQ attraction.

  3. we need more shoe stores, electronic stores, clothing not high priced movie theaters which are grossly crowded.....

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  5. I'm very happy to see that their placing a movie theater within the city limits of Horizon, SO that I don't have to Drive so far to go to the other theaters, No matter what type of theater it is, SO thank u for listening .....