Monday, April 25, 2016

'Midtown Lofts' Could Transform Warehouse District in Central El Paso

By Armando Landin   

A loft project proposed for Central El Paso may be the beginning of transforming a longtime warehouse district into a livable community. The Midtown Lofts project is slated for an industrial neighborhood near the Spaghetti Bowl.

The Midtown Lofts will bring an apartment complex to a warehouse district in Central El Paso. (Exigo Architecture)

According to the architect's website, the three-story apartment complex would be located at the corner of Durazno Avenue and Stevens Street, one block east of Copia Street and south of Interstate 10, though the site does not indicate on which corner the complex would be constructed.

The project page highlights the apartment project's proximity to University Medical Center and the Texas Tech University Paul L. Foster School of Medicine, which sit about one mile to the east.

Midtown Lofts will offer "garden-style apartments" with balconies in each unit, a clubhouse, a sand volleyball playground, and a picnic area.

The Midtown Lofts in Central El Paso will be located at the corner of Stevens Street and Durazno Avenue, about a mile west of University Medical Center.

The area is currently dominated by manufacturing warehouses and industrial retailers. The project will "revitalize the zone which is in transition from warehouses to residential/commercial," according to the project description.

The size of the $9.5 million project is 111,986 square feet and could be completed by summer of 2017, according to the architect's website, Exigo of El Paso. The developer is listed as EPT Properties.


  1. They look like very nice apartments considering that they will be located in a seedy part of town,but El Paso is changing. And given our low crime safest Chuco City status, the security gates for these lofts will come sooner or later.

  2. Will these developments be pet friendly? Seems like none of the new living options allow pets.

  3. Why would you have a pet living in an apartment in the first place. Poor dog if you do.

  4. The thing is, you are required to pay rent for your pets as well as a hefty deposit. There is usually a dog park on the premises.

  5. It's ridiculous for renters to have to pay a hefty pet deposit plus a monthly rent on your cats or dogs in some of the newer apartments in El Paso.People have the right to have their pets live with us wherever we move too.But greedy landlords like to make excuses in order to be able to charge more for their rentals.I's stay away from these types of anti pet places and boycott them by not giving them my business. So Stanton Street, Kansas Street,Franklin Street apartments and now these Midtown projects need pet friendly environments and pet owners should know better to always pick up after their dogs and be responsible pet guardians.

  6. Did this project ever take place?

  7. Great post..Thank you so much for blogging about this! 3pl warehouse