Friday, April 1, 2016

Details Emerge on Four More Spray Parks, Coming to East and West El Paso

The four remaining City Districts in El Paso will also get spray parks in the coming year, and the city has revealed details on the locations and expected amenities.

Salvador Rivas Park in Far East El Paso will be getting a "Water Garden/Lakefront" themed spray park with features similar to those seen in this rendering. (City of El Paso)

In all, there will be eight spray parks spread throughout El Paso, all open to the public and free of admission. The City is moving forward with requesting bids for the design/build contracts on the final four, which are considered Phase Two of the spray park project.

Those four will be located at Westside Community Park (District 1), Salvador Rivas Park (District 5), Marty Robbins Park (District 7), and Braden Aboud Memorial Park (District 8).

The planned spray parks will be spread out throughout El Paso, as shown on this map. (City of El Paso)

According to City documents, the spray park at Westside Community Park will have a Western/Desert theme with "scorpion" and "big horse" spray features. Braden Aboud's spray park will have a Mine theme and may include a tube slide and large dumping bucket.

The spray park planned for Marty Robbins Park in East El Paso will have a Pirate theme. (City of El Paso)

On the East Side of El Paso, the spray park at Marty Robbins will have a Pirate theme while the one at Salvador Rivas will have a Water Garden/Lakefront theme. Both include a large dumping bucket and river race,

Visitors to Braden Aboud Memorial Park in El Paso's Upper Valley will find a Mine themed spray park later this year. (City of El Paso)

The spray parks are an important part of the City's 2015 Aquatics Plan last May which offer a less expensive alternative to full-fledged aquatics centers that it hopes will give residents better access to aquatics facilities.

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Each spray park will include up to 25 features which includes a mix of interactive and static display components. The parks will be split into "use zones" which includes areas for teens, toddlers, and families.

The future spray park at Westside Community Park in El Paso will have a Western/Desert theme. (City of El Paso)

The latest update to City Council indicates that Phase Two may also be completed by the end of 2016. City Representatives will receive the update at their April 5, 2016 meeting.

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