Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Airport Project to Enhance Outdoor Landscape, Lighting

By Armando Landin   

The City of El Paso is looking to create a "sense of place" in areas surrounding and leading up to the airport, and a new project will soon add landscape and lighting enhancements as well as public art.

Landscape enhancements, landscape and architectural lighting, and an "artistic lighting element" are part of the $2.7 million project.

The City will consider awarding the consulting contract portion of the project to Meridian Green Works.

According to City documents, improvements will occur in two sections. Airport property north of Montana Avenue and Airway Boulevard from Interstate 10 to Montana Avenue. Airway will receive landscape improvements along the center median.

A project will add new landscaping and lighting elements to areas around El Paso International Airport.

The area around the airport will get new lighting elements which include a Christmas lighting package to be used during the holidays.

In addition, the Meridian Green Works will collaborate with Bill Fitzgibbons, the artist selected to create public art for the project. Fitzgibbons has produced public art in multiple countries, including many with colored lighting elements.

A sample of public art work created by Bill Fitzgibbons, the artist selected to create public art for the El Paso International Airport. (City of El Paso)

Construction could begin by early next year with project completion set for June 2017.