Thursday, March 31, 2016

Traffic Alert: Downtown Lane Closures Will Affect I-10 Exits

Lane closures necessary for work related to the streetcar project in Downtown El Paso may cause backup on Interstate 10 exit ramps in coming weeks.

Officials with the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authorith (CRRMA) are encouraging drivers to seek alternate routes.

Yandell Drive will be reduced to one westbound lane at Stanton Street beginning Monday, April 4, 2016, just one block away from merging traffic using the westbound Mesa Street exit at Downtown. This may have the biggest impact on commuters as actual lane reduction may begin two blocks before the actual closure.

Officials are advising drivers not to use Exit 19B right before the Mesa Street exit due to lane closures on streets in that vicinity.

On the other side of the freeway, Wyoming Avenue will be reduced to one lane at Stanton Street beginning April 6, but drivers can also expect orange barrels at least two blocks prior to the closure. This will affect traffic using Wyoming to enter I-10 East, which could in turn affect drivers using the eastbound Downtown exit.
Lane closures on Yandell Drive in Downtown El Paso will affect commuters using the Mesa Street exit off of Interstate 10. The closures are necessary as part of the streetcar project. (CRRMA)

The CRRMA is encouraging commuters to use the following routes to access Downtown El Paso.

From I-10 Westbound:
  • Exit 22A/Copia Street: South on Copia to Alameda Avenue.
  • Exit 21/Piedras Street: South on Piedras to Texas Avenue OR North on Raynor, West on Montana, North on Rosewood to Arizona.
  • Exit 20/Cotton Street: South on Cotton to Texas Avenue OR North on Cotton to Arizona Avenue.
  • Because closures remain on Kansas Street, motorists are not advised to use Exit 19B/Downtown as an alternate route into Downtown. However, Texas Avenue will once again be open to east-west traffic at Kansas Street at the time of the above closures.

From I-10 Eastbound:
  • Exit 18/Porfirio Diaz Street: Access downtown via Franklin Avenue.

Other lane closures include:
  • April 4, 2016 - Stanton Street will be reduced to one northbound lane between Wyoming and Yandell. A complete closure of Stanton Street between Wyoming and Yandell will be required in the coming weeks.
  • April 4, 2016 - San Antonio Avenue will be closed to east-west traffic at Kansas Street. The closure is expected to last for approximately three weeks. Kansas Street remains closed between Myrtle and San Antonio.
  • Lane closures will resume on Santa Fe Street reducing traffic to one lane in each direction between Franklin and San Antonio. San Antonio Avenue will be closed to east-west traffic at Santa Fe.
  • Father Rahm Avenue remains closed to east-west traffic.
  • Lane closures continue on Oregon Street between River Avenue and Glory Road.
  • Lane closures continue on Kansas Street between Paisano Drive and Father Rahm Avenue.
  • Moving right lane closures beginning on Stanton Street throughout the 4.8 mile route for the installation of foundations for the Overhead Contact System poles which will power the streetcars.

Commuters can also follow the streetcar project's Facebook page for updated information here: