Monday, March 21, 2016

Topgolf Shows Interest in El Paso, But Where?

With Topgolf's announcement last week that it is looking to expand into the El Paso area, it leads us to wonder... where should it go?

A typical Topgolf facility includes a three-level structure with "bays" on each floor. The national chain is looking to expand into the El Paso market. (Topgolf)

Topgolf, a driving range entertainment venue, announced last week that it wants to expand to small and mid-sized cities, including El Paso. Topgolf locations vary in size but typically require around 15 acres of space.

The facilities are usually three story structures with about 100 "bays," seating areas around the driving tee that fit up to six adults.

Topgolf patrons gather in "bays" and look on as one person is in play. (Topgolf)
Far East, West, and Northeast El Paso seemingly offer the most options for a Topgolf location, which could be built near or in conjunction with a shopping complex. In recent years, City of El Paso officials have expressed a desire to bring Topgolf to the city.

This photo shows the lobby of the Topgolf location in San Antonio. (Topgolf)

The fringes of the city may provide the most options, property-wise. The East Side has the most people, while the Northeast and West Side offer the most scenic options.

A bar area at the Topgolf location in The Colony, Texas. (Topgolf)

Nearer to the city's center, it would be difficult for Topgolf to find a suitably sized property on which to build. The most central possibility could be the former Asarco property near the University of Texas at El Paso, which is just two miles northwest of Downtown.

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