Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Planned Lofts Could Overlook Downtown Ballpark

By Armando Landin

The architect behind a planned lofts project adjacent to Southwest University Park in Downtown El Paso is teasing what the project may ultimately look like once built.

Three planned "upper end" apartments could have views of El Paso Chihuahuas games. (

'Ballpark Lofts' is the name of the project which will include three 2,600 square foot apartments.

Each apartment will be three stories tall, according to the website, and include a street-level garage. According to renderings of the buildings, each level will include balconies and/or terraces.

Based on the height of the structure, the uppermost terraces could possibly look onto Southwest University Park, the home of the Triple-A El Paso Chihuahuas.

The description of the project on the website indicates this is the case, stating, "Each three-story unit has 2,600 Sq. Ft. with terraces overlooking the baseball field."

Though the website does not disclose the exact location of the project, not many empty properties would be close enough to offer a view inside the ballpark. The most likely candidate could be a vacant lot along the narrow passageway that is officially Missouri Avenue behind left field.

El Paso Development News reached out to the architect, EXIGO Architects, regarding the project but have not received a response.

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  1. What's up with that? this is almost exactly what I have been talking about! And by the looks of it,Missouri Avenue is where it might get built.Downtown apartments with street level garage is fine considering that your apartment contains 2,600 Sq Ft. is three levels not counting the car garage below you.
    The corner where W.Missouri Ave intersects Durango St next to the Scottish Rite parking lot.So EXIGO Architects are behind this proposed apartments next to Southwest University Park Stadium and the upper levels of these apartments might be able to catch a glimps of the baseball playing field.
    There's more property available North behind these yet to be built apartments,bordered by I-10. Maybe EXIGO could develope a 6 or 9 story apartment there with the same concept that would include inclosed street level garages.With 2 or 3 apartment units on top of one another with access to Prospect St.And as an added bonus! Spectacular Views of downtown El Paso not to mention the Chihuahuas ballpark.
    EXIGO are the ones behind the Kansas and Stanton street apartments as well as the W.Franklin Avenue apartments directly behind Southwest University Park Stadium.All are now currently under construction....