Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dave & Buster's Details Emerge, Now Hiring 200 Employees for Bassett Place Location

The interior of the upcoming Dave & Buster's location at Bassett Place in El Paso will be "upscale and modern," according to a press release. The company is looking to fill 200 positions for the new entertainment and dining venue located in East-Central El Paso, which opens April 11, 2016.

A "360-degree bar" can be seen in the background of this photo. These new employees are taking part in a "group training" at an existing, unnamed Dave & Buster's location. The new El Paso location is seeking to hire 200 employees. (Dave & Buster's)

Dave & Buster's El Paso location will include over 30 big screen, high definition televisions and a 360-degree sports bar. This is the "Watch" part of the company's "Eat, Drink, Play & Watch" slogan.

A "Million Dollar Midway" will include more than 160 arcade games in areas such as the "Jurassic Park Arcade, Angry Birds Arcade and SpongeBob Pineapple Arcade." Guests will be able to redeem tickets for various prizes, including Xbox games and sports memorabilia.

Food-wise, the menu will include items such as, "Pepperoni Pretzel Pull Apart, Three Cheese Grilled Cheese Sticks, Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp & Chicken with Creamy Lobster Sauce, Bang Bang Chicken with Spicy Thai Peanut Noodles and the Cheesy Mac Stack where shredded short ribs are topped with creamy macaroni & cheese and sandwiched between two slices of toasted bread," according to the press release.

Cocktails will include "Tiki Drinks, the Original CoronaRita, Adult Snow Cones, the Strawberry Watermelon Margarita poured over strawberry ice cubes, Glow Kones featuring a multicolored, flashing cube, and the all-new tequila infused South of the Border Sangrias."

The company is hiring 200 employees for the El Paso location, including positions for servers, bartenders, hosts, cooks, and service support roles. Those interested can apply online at or at the local hiring site below.

Dave & Buster's El Paso location is scheduled for a grand opening on April 11, 2016, according to its website.