Wednesday, September 23, 2015

'Down TI:ME' now Under Construction at Montecillo

A planned new addition to TI:ME at Montecillo is now under construction at West El Paso's smart growth development, according to a press release.

'Down TI:ME' is now under construction at the Montecillo development in West El Paso, pictured in this rendering. (Courtesy Pan y Agua Partners)

Dubbed "Down TI:ME," the building will be constructed just west of the existing retail and restaurant area at the corner of Mesa Street and Montecillo.

The building will consist of three levels totaling 11,000 square feet total. The first floor will contain retail space, with a spa occupying the second level. The third floor will be dedicated to office space.

Plans also include a rooftop patio that will be available for events.

A rendering of the building indicates a contemporary design for the new structure, which will stand feet away from the View at Montecillo apartments.

This will be the second venture at the Montecillo sight for Pan y Agua Partners, which opened TI:ME at Montecillo in 2014. TI:ME added the majority of restaurant and retail space at the Montecillo smart growth site, which will eventually expand to 300 acres.

The 'Down TI:ME' structure will be located just to the west of the TI:ME at Montecillo center. The location is shaded orange on this map.

“Projects such as TI:ME and Down TI:ME are encouraging young entrepreneurs to take a chance on doing their own thing while contributing to the quality of life to our city,” said Octavio Gomez of Pan y Agua Partners in the press release.

Retail space is also expanding nearby with the eminent opening of the Santi Dwelling retail buildings to the southwest and the Montecillo Town Center to the east, which is slowly advancing across Mesa Street.

Down TI:ME was designed by the Curioso firm of Chicago and Root Architects of El Paso. No project completion date has been disclosed.

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