Monday, August 17, 2015

City to Extend Westin Hotel/Retail Complex Deadlines

The stalled Westin Hotel and retail complex that is planned near the El Paso International Airport is not dead, according to a City Council agenda item. City Representatives will consider extending deadlines to the incentives package and lease agreement that was approved for the project in 2013 due to an active lawsuit brought by nearby hotels.

An artistic rendering of the Acequia Park hotel and retail development planned for El Paso International Airport land. (Ronkot Design Vimeo Channel) 

Acequia Park, the name given to the complex by the developer, EP Vida, will consist of a 220-room hotel and attached retail complex on nine acres at the corner of Airway Boulevard and Boeing Drive.

The $64 million project was supposed to commence construction within twelve months of the incentives package approval, or by May 2014. The project has since been delayed due to a lawsuit filed by a group of nearby hotels. (Story: Airport Hotels Suing City of El Paso and Westin Developer)

An amendment that will be considered by City Council this week states that the incentives agreement will be extended due to the pending litigation. This will allow the developer to receive the same amount of time for incentives and reimbursements. However, the developer will still need to begin paying rent as originally scheduled.

Construction must be completed within 24 months of the date the lawsuit is finalized.

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