Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Montana Expressway? Images Show View of Future US 62/180 Freeway

A local design firm has unveiled renderings of what an eventual new East El Paso freeway may look like once completed. Plans were revealed by the Texas Department of Transportation in 2013 that show a miles-long stretch of Montana Avenue becoming an expressway east of Yarbrough Drive.
This rendering shows the western terminus of the planned US 62/180 freeway in East El Paso. The ramps take traffic to and from Global Reach Drive. (facebook.com/neomedia.dg)

Neomedia Design Group of El Paso posted several images online depicting multiple major intersections along the freeway, including at George Dieter Drive, Saul Kleinfeld Drive, and Rich Beem Boulevard.

Major interchanges will include direct connector ramps at Loop 375/Joe Battle Boulevard and Yarbrough Drive/Global Reach Drive.
The US 62/180 freeway will create an overpass at George Dieter Drive in East El Paso as seen in this rendering. (facebook.com/neomedia.dg)

The project's limits are from just west of Yarbrough to just east of Zaragoza Road, a stretch of over seven miles.
Direct connector ramps will help traffic travel between the US 62/180 freeway and Loop 375 in Far East El Paso. The new freeway will replace Montana Avenue and travel underneath Loop 375. (facebook.com/neomedia.dg)

The project includes frontage roads, as seen alongside most major freeways in El Paso. It was estimated to cost over $400 million when it was first revealed, with construction starting in 2015. It is unclear if that timetable is still in place.

You can read many more details about the project in our previous story:
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  1. This looks like a highway that merges into a freeway then back to a highway,I could only imagine what the rest of Montana will look like if the freeway will continue further west past Yarbrough.
    Back in the 1980's there was talk of making Montana street into a double deck freeway in which is still a very possible outlook.

  2. goes to show that politicians backed by road construction companies still have a major hold on el paso. when most cities are implementing major public mass transit projects ep doesn't even mention integrating light rail in its plans.

  3. I agree with Larry. El Paso instead of being original, is just trying very hard to be like Phoenix which is one giant sprawling monster. I believe the cities that will be successful in the future are the ones that are investing in public transportation projects and walkability. Here in El Paso you can't live without that gas consuming prosthesis (car). It's a shame since El Paso has such wonderful weather and bike routes, practical bus routes and light rail would be perfect.

  4. Well I agree with the both of you,but try telling that to the rest of El Pasoans in whom many would have fits and heart attacks getting out of their cars and taking public transportation.A light rail would work wonders and I mean a real light rail system, not a long bus that uses street lanes and the bus driver can make traffic lights change.
    We can't even put the old street cars back into service because now this new city council might buy street cars made in communist China as a cost savings method so someone can line their pockets at city hall.

  5. I happen to agree, but if you look at the congestion we already face and our rapid growth we need to do something and at least this is something. I wish they would do the Light rail with mass transit tied into it. use the current highway system as the main line across town. Would be nice to see.

  6. Adding more freeways doesn't alleviate congestion, on the contrary it actually creates more since people are going to say "hey I have quick access to this areas of town, I can live farther from the city center", but everyone starts doing this and voila more suburban sprawl and traffic. We have seen this with artcraft, it used to be nice, new and without traffic, but just look at it now, it will be getting worse. An abundance of streets, parking lots and freeways creates an abundance of cars. Look up what Enrique Penalosa was able to do to a once ugly traffic infested city and freeways were not the tool he chose.

  7. I really hope that they can build this freeway sooner rather than later since the traffic in that area of town is getting heavier each year due to the explosive growth the area will be seeing.