Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Infill Spree Continues with Murchison Project in Central El Paso

A vacant Central El Paso property may see new activity in the form of an infill project revealed in City documents. The property is located at the corner of Murchison Drive and Cotton Street.
New apartment buildings may spring up as part of a Central El Paso infill project. The mixed-use project includes office space on the first floor. (City of El Paso)

According to the master zoning plan, the developer plans to construct a mixed-use development consisting of four narrow 3-story apartment buildings whose facades will face Cotton Street.

Apartments will be located on the second and third floors of each building, with a 1,600 square foot office space located on the first floor of the southern structure. The first floor of the northern structure will be reserved for parking garages.
The site plan for a Central El Paso infill project shows building footprints in orange. (City of El Paso)

A total of eight 1-bedroom apartments will be constructed, each containing 800 square feet of space. The developer may seek a 47 percent parking reduction from the City.

The property is located on the northeast corner of the intersection, at 2101 Murchison Drive. The owner, listed as Architectural Solutions by Design PLLC, is requesting rezoning from Residential to Residential Mixed Use, which will allow office space.
The side elevation of the infill project shows possible balconies for apartment units. (City of El Paso)

The new apartments will be located across the street from the El Paso Long-Term Acute Care Hospital, along the edges of the southeastern slopes of the Franklin Mountains.

Construction will occur in three phases, according to the plan, The first phase includes site improvements, with phase two constructing the building that will house the office and four apartment units. The last phase will construct the other apartment building.

There is no word on the timing of phasing or when construction may begin.

This is the latest in a string of infill projects proposed for Central El Paso.

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