Monday, December 1, 2014

Developer Buys Entire Block in Downtown El Paso

National developer Hunt Companies, headquartered in El Paso, has purchased an entire Downtown block, according to an El Paso Inc. story.

The property in question is bounded by Mesa Street, Missouri Avenue, Oregon Street, and Wyoming Avenue. It is home to a two-story bank building on one side and a surface parking lot on the other half. Hunt also purchased a motor bank across Missouri Avenue.

A Hunt representative told El Paso Inc. that there are no immediate plans for the property, but other Downtown movers and shakers hope a new high-rise building is in the works.

Hunt is a huge national multi-family developer, but hasn't had very high-profile developments in its hometown as of late. That may be changing, as Hunt is the company that City of El Paso staff has chosen for the 31-acre mixed-use project at the former Northpark Mall site in Northeast El Paso. City Council will consider that project at its December 2, 2014 meeting.

Read the entire El Paso Inc. story by clicking HERE.

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  1. I think that city council will approve the 31 acre mixed use project where North Park Mall once stood! But now with the purchase of one downtown El Paso city block by Hunt Properties. I'm not speculating, but why would a multi billion dollar company want to buy the property in the first place? Could be something big like a new headquarters for Hunt Corporation,the company could consolidate all it's offices scattered throughout the country since it has 1,800
    employees. And build a highrise office building since it's been decades that El Paso's last private office building was built.