Monday, November 17, 2014

Whole Foods Market Site Plan Revealed, Includes Adjacent Shopping Center

Whole Foods Market officially announced its El Paso location two weeks ago, verifying that it will build a new store on North Mesa Street on the West Side. Now, a rezoning application filed with the City shows the potential site plan for the property on which the grocery store will sit.
The site plan for a development which includes a Whole Foods Market shows its proposed location in West El Paso. An adjacent center may include restaurant, retail, and office uses. (Original Site Plan: City Council Agenda)

Plans show a 45,000 square foot store with a 5,000 square foot mezzanine for a total of 50,000 square feet of space for the Whole Foods Market, which will go up at the corner of North Mesa Street and Pitt Street, about 600 feet east of North Resler Drive. It will be situated towards the back of the property with parking located on the north and east sides of the building.

The main entrance will be located in the northeast corner of the store, with a secondary entrance near the northwest corner. This area shows "outdoor seating," potentially for an onsite eatery as Whole Foods tends to include in its newer stores.

The rezoning application also shows an adjacent development planned immediately east of the store which includes multiple buildings. In all, the center will include 45,500 square feet of space available for retail, restaurant, and office uses. No tenants are named in the site plan.

The cluster of buildings are situated in a rough arc surrounding an inside parking lot, with some of the buildings lining North Mesa Street. Large trees may line the street with smaller trees planted throughout the property.

No official timeline has been announced for the development, though El Paso Inc. reported a possible completion date of late 2016 for the Whole Foods Market.

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