Tuesday, September 16, 2014

ADP to Add 150,000SF Facility in West El Paso

New Building Part of Company’s Plan to Increase Workforce by 1,100

Automatic Data Processing (ADP) will double its presence in El Paso by 2020, including adding another building to create a West Side campus. The company announced last week that it intends to hire an additional 1,100 employees to add to the approximately 1,100 existing employees.
The new 150,000 square foot ADP facility will be located just north of the existing building in West El Paso.

In its announcement, ADP states it will construct a 150,000 square foot facility adjacent to its existing building on Resler Drive, about half a mile south of Loop 375. The new structure will be located immediately north of the current building, creating an “ADP Campus” of sorts. This is the same size as the current building on Resler.

This isn’t the first expansion announcement that ADP has made for its El Paso office. In 2012, the company announced plans to create an additional 585 jobs in the Sun City and invest $21 million to expand its operations, a deal that resulted in an incentives package from the City of El Paso. Those expansion plans never moved forward.

The City is now poised to amend that agreement to increase the number of jobs that ADP must be create to 1,100 and the amount of the required investment to $41 million. In return, the City will provide tax rebates to ADP.

ADP has until the end of 2015 to begin construction, though groundbreaking is expected before the end of 2014. The new building must open by the end of 2017, though ADP expects to open by September of 2015.

The City will also take action at its September 16, 2014 meeting to nominate the expansion as an Enterprise Zone Project through the Economic Development Bank of the State of Texas.

ADP also operates a center on two and a half floors of Stanton Tower in Downtown El Paso. It is unclear if that location will remain open or will be incorporated into the West Side expansion.

This is the third major announcement in El Paso this year regarding major opening or expansion plans for call- and solutions-centers. Prudential Financial announced in April that it will open a “business and technology services center” in El Paso that will add 300 jobs. It will use an existing building in East El Paso.

And in July, Charles Schwab announced that it will create a new operations center in El Paso that will add 445 data entry and processing jobs. It will invest $21.5 million and open in West El Paso.