Friday, August 15, 2014

Will Downtown Get a New Convention Hotel?

Downtown El Paso could have a new convention hotel in the coming years. The City of El Paso is requesting proposals for a new full service hotel that would have 250 rooms, a swimming pool, and meeting space.

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  1. The city of El Paso has been trying to lure a downtown convention center hotel ever since the civic center opened back in 1972! that was 42 years ago and counting.
    Back in the day there were many proposals and speculations that a new hotel would be built on the property where Southwest University Stadium now sits.
    It was suppose to be next to city hall but now that building is now gone and we have a master piece of a stadium on that property! At one time there was also a hotel proposed that was to be built on top of the Greyhound bus terminal now the El Paso museum of art, a 22 story Hilton hotel was to build there, now El Paso don't even have a Hilton chain hotel considering that the Hilton hotel corporation was founded in El Paso with the Plaza hotel being the very first Hilton hotel in in the country, so much for that.
    Possibilities could be building a new convention hotel across the street from the Abraham Chavez Theater, when supposedly the bus terminal moves to another location west of the train terminal.There are two hotels coming to downtown but they are not convention size hotels one hotel at the former sight of the Artisian hotel which is well underway and the other supposedly in the Bassett Tower.
    El Paso lawyer Jim Scherr had proposed building a Courtside by Marriott next to his successful Double Tree hotel but a reluctant city council refused to give him a tax incentive because it would not be a convention size hotel.
    In my own opinion I feel that building hotels for downtown are all good, whether they are 100 rooms 200 rooms build them anyway, because it El Paso has waited for over 42 years and no hotel has been built since, then another 58 years wouldn't make any difference.I sure hope I'm wrong!