Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sun Metro Adds Articulated Buses to East Side Route

The newest additions to Sun Metro’s bus fleet aren’t only reserved for the Rapid Transit System (RTS) debuting later this year. El Paso’s mass transit system has added three 60-foot articulated buses to serve its most popular route, Route 59.
Three 60-foot articulated buses are now part of Sun Metro’s Route 59 in El Paso. (Sun Metro)

The 2014 New Flyer Xcelsior units look much different from the Sun Metro units to which most residents are accustomed, mostly due to the extended length and the accordion-style joint section in the middle of the bus.

Other amenities include low floors, a smoother braking system, better fuel economy, and LED interior lighting. The larger size allows for 48 passengers seats with additional room for 24 standing passengers.
A look inside one of the long articulated buses Sun Metro is using on an East Side route in El Paso. (Sun Metro)

Though nearly identical to the Brio RTS units that will be in use later this year, these regular route buses will not offer free WiFi service.

Three Xcelsior buses were added to Route 59 beginning last week, which runs from Downtown El Paso to the Eastside Terminal near Cielo Vista Mall, mainly via Interstate 10.