Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Downtown Streetcar Project May Receive Funding This Week

The $97 million Dowtown/UTEP streetcar project could break ground as soon as August if the Texas Transportation Commission approves funding.

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A vision of what Oregon Street could look like with a streetcar system, from Plan El Paso. (planelpaso.org)


  1. I posted a comment a few hours ago! now it's gone :( What gives?

  2. OK I found the comment I posted, ;) I'm happy now! These downtown streetcars are another piece of the puzzle to the downtown redevelopment process. In less than ten years such projects as the Plaza theater restoration, the Double Tree hotel getting a face lift and coming back to life, the new US Federal Court House, the Plaza/Mills restoration and new 9 story parking garage,Southwest University Park baseball stadium for the El Paso Chihuahuas, the Luther building getting restored and name change back to the original Mulligan building.San Jancinto Plaza getting a new face lift, the former Artisan hotel getting new modernization becoming a new Indingo Hotel, and now the 97 million dollar Streetcar project to break ground in August. And soon the Martin building will become apartments and the Banner Building, among other building I left out such as the CVS pharmacy and a new Walgreens with a Mercado across the street on Paisano.
    Bring it on builders and developers, bring it on, the sky is the limit.

  3. The electric streetcar project slated for downtown El Paso got approved by TxDot today.