Thursday, April 24, 2014

Planned Campbell Apartments Pictured In Rendering

A concept rendering of the Campbell Apartments, a 88-unit mixed use project planned for a neighborhood near Downtown El Paso, has been posted at the website of the architectural firm behind the design, EXIGO Architecture (
Rendering of Campbell Apartments. (

The rendering includes four levels, which was the original design. The latest plan includes a fifth level of apartments.

Read our previous story regarding the Campbell Apartments: Design Changes for Apartment Project Near Downtown


  1. Developers should build more of these types of apartments in downtown El Paso! can't wait to see what the apartments on Franklin Avenue going to look like since they are going to be about 11 to 12 floors.

  2. Are those the ones behind the ball park where the Laundromat was?

  3. Yes! they are the apartments to be built where the laundromat was,but now this thing about meter parking west of the stadium might change things,pending if the developers have other options for their parking needs!

    1. hopefully, that won't become an issue. so far, parking has been smooth (in fact, VERY smooth) since opening day, what with people finally utilizing the giant 7 or 8 story garage in the san jacinto plaza.

      i was under the impression that these apartments were going to be a tower. oh well, looks great either way!

  4. The apartments on Franklin st. west of the baseball stadium
    are going to be a 11 or 12 story tower and the apartments on Campbell st are going to be 5 stories high!