Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Seat Installation Underway at Triple-A Stadium

Crews began installing seats this past weekend at the Triple-A baseball stadium in Downtown El Paso. The event was kicked off by the El Paso Chihuahuas’ first season ticket holders, Dr. Brent Michener and Jill Michener, and by the winner of the “Name the Team” contest, Shae Vierra.
Newly installed seats gleam in the sun at the Triple-A stadium in Downtown El Paso. (El Paso Chihuahuas)

The seat installation marks another milestone in the stadium’s construction timeline, which is nearing its end and should culminate with the ballpark’s opening in late April. About 7,500 seats will be installed throughout the park. No word on how many of those seats have been purchased by season ticket holders.

Lighting has already been installed many feet above the ballpark, and work is ongoing to get the playing field finished as crews continue pouring gravel and sand to lay the foundation for sod.

Last month, team officials opted to not play the Chihuahuas’ first home stand in El Paso to give construction crews more time to complete the stadium. The Chihuahuas are now aiming for an opening date of April 28, 2014.