Thursday, February 20, 2014

Triple-A Stadium Construction Gets Two Additional Weeks

El Paso Chihuahuas officials are moving forward with their plan to postpone the Triple-A stadium’s opening until the second home stand for the baseball team.
A look at the main stadium structure at the Downtown El Paso ballpark. (El Paso City Development Department)

The decision will give construction crews more than two additional weeks to finish readying the stadium for the team. The first four “home” games will now be played at the team’s former home in Tucson.

The stadium's southern edge overlooks
adjacent train tracks in Downtown El Paso.
(City Development Department)
Opening day at the park will now be April 28, 2014, instead of the original April 11 date.

A few local media outlets were given a tour of the construction site last week, which included visits to several areas of the ballpark, including the team areas below the stands.

Stadium lights are now being installed on their respective pole structures, and roofing materials are being readied for placement.


  1. When I was a kid I use to envision an arena where city hall once stood! but after they built city hall back in 1978, I would say to myself thinking out loud, So much for the arena.
    But after they built city hall I never would of thought that city hall would be replaced by a triple A baseball stadium.
    The proposed arena is going to be the last part of the quality of life bond issue projects! In about ten more years
    the arena will be built.Maybe it will be built next to the convention center's south side where the greyhound bus terminal is and all the properties behind that.

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