Friday, January 10, 2014

DMD Seeking Applicants for Façade Improvement Program

El Paso’s Downtown Management District (DMD) has $200,000 in funds available for downtown business and property owners as part of its Façade Improvement Program and is currently seeking applicants.
The Texas Store in Downtown El Paso received a $10,000 grant in 2009 to improve its façade. (Downtown Management District)

The grant money, if approved for façade improvements, will cover up to 75% of the project’s total cost, with a maximum grant of $50,000 for individual projects. Improvements that qualify, according to the DMD website (, include window work, paint, canopies, signs, and restorative work. Changes to the property that are made in order to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements may also qualify for grants through the program.

Several downtown businesses have taken advantage of the program in previous years with many property owners seeing valuation increases due to improvements, according to the DMD’s Façade Program Report published in 2012.

Businesses interested in applying for the façade grants should contact Lilia Granillo at 915-400-2294. Improvements must be completed by July 2014 in order to qualify for the grants.

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  1. There are many places in downtown El Paso that could use these funds to upgrade in fix their downtown property's! but 200 g's wont go that far.Some downtown buildings are so dilapidated and neglected for so long, that the paint has faded where you can see the original concrete when they were built over 75 years ago and beyond.Some buildings have boarded up windows with plywood and are vacant! There is even one land lord that owns several downtown property's that consist of some really nice architectural gems but he refuses to invest any money into them, and wont sell them either.