Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rio Valley to Use Drainage Area as Skate Park

Construction has been ongoing at the future site of the Rio Valley community in El Paso’s Upper Valley, and crews this week are working on a concrete drainage area that will serve double duty. The approximately 80 by 35 foot area will also be used as a skate-park and has been designed with these dual uses in mind.

Design of the combination drainage area/skatepark at Rio Valley in the Upper Valley.
“The philosophy behind our inclusion of this improvement in our park is that we wanted a park that parents would see as attractive with facilities that could help keep kids entertained,” states Scott Winton of Winton Associates, the developer of the 62-acre Rio Valley neighborhood.

“Since the park area also serves as a drainage facility and since we were going to be pouring concrete, it made sense to make it multi-purpose.”
Rio Valley's "Main Street" ends at the community's Central Park, at the far end.
The skatepark was designed by longtime skating advocate Paul Zimmerman, one of the founding board members of the El Paso Skatepark Association (, a local nonprofit organization. The association advocates for high-quality designed skateparks, citing studies showing one in seven children and teenagers rides a skateboard.

The community is located in El Paso's Upper Valley.
The Rio Valley development is located at the northwest corner of Borderland Road and Westside Road, west of Doniphan. It is billed as a “small village” that will make multiple housing types available and which will also have a “Main Street” with different retail, restaurant, and office uses.

The development should be ready for home construction by January 2014. The new drainage/skatepark area is being built by Bain Construction.