Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Yucca Park Improvements Highlighted at Meeting

The City of El Paso held a community meeting last week to inform residents of scheduled improvements to Yucca Park. A 1.65 acre expansion will add recreation area on the northern side of the park.
Improvements to Yucca Park include a chess-playing area with game tables. (City of El Paso)

Improvements to the park include new sod, trees, and landscaping as well as a dedicated 2,000 square foot chess-playing area that will be sheltered by a metal canopy. This area will include four game tables with a chess board insert; each will have three attached seats and an empty spot for wheelchair access. A large, 144 square foot red and black chess board will be located on the floor in the middle of the area.

The park expansion will also add four new 16’ by 16’ picnic units with shade structures, multiple concrete paths, benches, scores of new trees, and runoff controls. Yucca Park is currently at 16 acres in size and is located at the corner of Yarbrough Drive and Yermoland Drive just south of Bel Air High School.

City Council awarded the construction contract to Globe Builders of El Paso in July. Construction should begin this month with the completion expected by February of 2014.

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