Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Introducing El Paso Dev Wire

We'd like to introduce a new feature at our development news site:
El Paso Dev Wire.

El Paso Development News is not changing. We are adding a "news wire" blog page where we will post stories and links to development news in El Paso and surrounding areas curated from around the Internet.

There are many sources that report news in our city, and a few have recently ramped up their efforts when reporting on development stories, including transportation, transit, retail, housing, and master planned projects, to name a few.

El Paso Dev Wire will collect and post links to these stories which pertain to development news. And we will continue to create new posts and stories for the El Paso Development News site.

All stories will be posted to our Facebook page, facebook.com/ElPasoDevNews. However, we have created a special Twitter feed for the Wire blog, twitter.com/ElPasoDevWire, so be sure to follow us there!

In addition, we have a dedicated link to the Dev Wire blog on our menu bar. Just click on Dev Wire to go to that page.
We hope you enjoy this new section of El Paso Development News.