Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Coming Soon: Big Projects

Several Large Developments Set for El Paso

For many El Pasoans, the last year or so must seem like a parade of headlines announcing large, multi-million dollar projects slated for the Sun City. Indeed, several sizeable developments have recently been announced for El Paso, and construction is set to ramp up in the coming years.

From hotel projects to retail complexes, here is a look at some of the largest, non-transportation developments set to go up around El Paso.

1. Westin Hotel/Retail Complex
Developer: EP Vida, LLC
Cost: $64.5 Million
Details: This project will create a 220 room, 4-Star hotel on airport property at the corner of Airway Boulevard and Boeing Drive. The hotel will cost $42.5 million to complete and will most likely carry the Westin brand name. 

An adjacent retail center will cost another $22 million to construct and will provide 66,000 square feet of retail space, 14,000 square feet of restaurant space, and 7,000 square feet of office space. It will be a town-center type of development with the high rise hotel at the end of a street lined with storefronts. 

Construction must commence by the end of May 2014 according to the incentives agreement approved by City Council earlier this year.

More Info: $64M Hotel Complex

2. William Beaumont Army Medical Center
Developer: Clark McCarthy Healthcare Partners II
Cost: $650 Million
Details: A brand new hospital will replace the current Beaumont complex in El Paso’s northeast side. The new structure will be a 1.1 million square foot healthcare campus in East Fort Bliss near the Loop 375/Spur 601 interchange. 

The hospital building will be 630,000 square feet in size among seven stories. The campus will also contain two clinic buildings, an administrative building, a clinical investigation building with biosafety level three laboratories, and a central utility plant.

Clark McCarthy was awarded the contract in February and received the notice to proceed in June. The contractor expects to complete construction in 2016.

3. Eastside Crossings
Developer: Hunt Communities/Investment Builders, Inc.
Cost: $22 Million
Details: This Mixed-Income development will bring 188 residential units to the area, a mix of affordable and market rate units. The unique development will combine 45 market rate units with 64 public housing units and 79 affordable housing units.
(Hunt Companies)
The Housing Authority project may be ready for occupancy by fall 2014.

4. Fountains at Farah Power/Lifestyle Center
Developer: Centergy Retail
Cost: $70 Million
Details: The City entered into an incentives agreement with the developer of the highly anticipated Fountains at Farah center years ago, and the grand opening is now only months away. The 600,000 square foot center will have at 60 or more tenants when leased out, but few have officially been named.

The design of the Fountains site plan has changed significantly from its first debuted version, and a shopping promenade will now line the area nearest Gateway West Boulevard. The center’s opening is scheduled for October.

5. Cardwell Collaborative
Developer: Broaddus & Associates
Cost: $28 Million
(MCA Foundation)
Details: The first building on the 13 acre Tech Park section of the Medical Center of the Americas campus will create about 83,000 square feet of research space in central El Paso. Recently named the Cardwell Collaborative, the building will house laboratories, office suites, incubator space, and more. 

Once completed, the building could have tenants from both the public and private sectors. Construction may begin in early 2014 and be completed in 2015.

6. Baseball Stadium
Developer: Populous, Inc.
Cost: $60.8 Million
Details: Construction has not clearly gone vertical yet on the 9,000 seat ballpark set for downtown El Paso, but foundation and utility work is well underway at the former City Hall site. Crews are working at breakneck speed to have the stadium ready for games by April 2014.

The City had originally budgeted $50 million for the stadium, but was later revealed as rough estimate. Owners of the Triple-A team, MountainStar Sports, have recently stated they will pay for anything above the updated price. 

More Info: Ballpark Posts

7. UTEP SmartCode Housing/Apartments
Developer: Campus Developers, LLC
Cost: Unknown
Details: A SmartCode zoned 7.65 acre property at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) that will be home to four multi-story buildings, the site is currently a parking lot and a former used car lot. Campus Developers, LLC, signed a 50-year lease with UTEP to construct 100 housing units for students, and up to 300 more apartments for rent at market rates.

A rezoning plan presented to the City in May shows four buildings that would make up the development. One would house a parking structure with retail lining. The other buildings would contain apartments or dorm units on the upper levels with retail uses on the ground floor.

School officials have indicated that the student housing building could be ready for occupancy by fall of 2014.

8. Montecillo Town Center
Developer: EPT Land Communities
Cost: Unknown
Details: When it first debuted at the developer’s website, it was called the Montecillo Entertainment District. More recently it is known as the Montecillo Town Center and sits on the eastern side of Mesa Street across from the Venue apartment buildings on El Paso’s west side. 

The Town Center will consist of around 11 buildings that will offer 117,200 square feet of retail space, 56,200 square feet of office, 99 residential units, and a nine screen Alamo Drafthouse movie theater. Alamo is the first and only tenant announced for the complex to date.

The developer has not announced a timeline for the project.


  1. It's nice to know that most of these projects are going to become a reality if not all will.Yet I wonder what will become of the current 12 story William Beaumont Hospital once the new one is built.I would like to see it converted to an all inpatient/out patient Veteran's Medical Center to better serve the needs of all the regions present and future veterans.I hope that they don't implode that building like they did with city hall.A new medical building for the Veterans Administration is "never" going to happen so why not keep what we already have and work with that instead of knocking it down. As for the new baseball stadium now under construction,I'm all for it,but yet I feel that the seating capacity is going to be to small for what it cost to have it built at 60+ million dollars. As for city hall getting imploded, Former City Planning Director Nestor Valencia said that a new city hall would be built in the near future! And as for the Medical Center of the America's, once it was just a pipe dream but now the first building is going to be built next year.In fifty years from now the whole campus will become a reality! I wont get to see it but many El Pasoans will, and good for them. The best for last, the Westin Brand Hotel by the airport! since they built the Marriott Hotel the property was across Airway Blvd
    was reserved for that particular project.It took over twenty five years but now they are finally going to build a four start hotel where they said they would build one.

  2. Excuse me, I meant to say a four star hotel!

  3. You don't have to wait 50 years to see the Medical Center of the Americas blossom. We have seen the birth of the MCA and like a child we'll see it grow. Don't get too ahead of yoursel Lonesome.

    1. Ben! I am not getting ahead of myself as you say that I am but if you read up on this Medical Center of the Americans. This is only the first phase of this very long term planned project.In fifty years from now it will become a fully blossomed high tech advanced Research Campus."Example"
      Back in 1970 I waited and hope to see if El Paso would get chosen for a new Texas Tech Medical School. El Paso lost out to Lubbock Texas,so we are about 35 years behind times with the new medical school. Not to mention Rick Perry playing the carrot on a stick game with El Paso's needs, taking all his sweet time about allocating more funds to build a third research building.Funds for a third building should had approved a long time ago!we still also need a Dental and Pharmacy School. The MCA development is funded through private enterprise sector maybe it wont take that long if we get lucky,I know that the demand is already here.