Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sundt Completes Prep Work for New Beaumont Medical Center on Fort Bliss

Sundt Construction has completed a “heavy civil construction” project at Fort Bliss to help prepare the area for the upcoming brand new William Beaumont Army Medical Center (WBAMC). That’s according to an update at the company’s blog.
Rendering of the future William Beaumont Army Medical Center on Fort Bliss.
According to the post, Sundt completed “extensive infrastructure and site development work” on the location off of Loop 375 in East Fort Bliss.

The $48 million project included “fencing the entire 320-acre site, installing wet and dry utilities, concrete paving,” and “building an electrical substation for the hospital.”

A major component of the project was the construction of a street bridge over the freeway and the related on- and off-ramps that will allow access to the site.

With the project completed, vertical construction may soon begin. The $1 billion WBAMC project includes construction of 1.13 million square foot complex on the site which will be a LEED certified building when completed. Sections of the hospital will vary from four to seven stories in height, and a 135-bed wing will be located in the tallest structure.

Sundt Blog: