Monday, January 14, 2013

Luther Bldg Update to Include Improved Facade, Storefronts

The Luther Building will soon serve a role in the City's effort to empty the current City Hall to make way for a baseball stadium, and new images show that the aging building may look very different in the coming months.

Proposed Luther Building Improvements
Concept drawings at the architect's website show a facade improvements include larger, more interesting windows, and a focus on giving the exterior a different character. It's a clear move away from the building's current utilitarian look. A series of horizontal and vertical lines help break up the current monotony.

The ground floor's current windowless walls will be replaced with storefront-style doors and windows, and street trees will line both Campbell Street and Mills Avenue. Awnings will shade the first level.

In*Situ Architecture's Luther Building page states that the project is currently in the "Building Shell phase" and will eventually house the City's IT Department. Paul Foster donated the 62,400 square foot building to the City in September 2012.

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In*Situ project page: